Embedding ICT for life long learning

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  • 1. Embedding ICT for Life Long Learning

2. ICT solely and only to be used as a tool to make learning and teaching more meaningful 3. ICT provides a teaching or learning experience that is not possible otherwise 4. ICT would equip learners with skills to lead them on lifelong learning 5. Stepping into Teaching with Technology Roles and responsibilities Administration Interest, support, motivation, realistic expectations Teachers confidant users of available Educational Technologies Learners meet the performance targets [Subjects + ICT skills] Parents involvement, interest, awareness of e-digital citizenship ET support staff [IT teacher + ETAC ambassador] support both learners and teachers to create an e-confidant society at school IT teacher: ICT skills of both teachers and learners ETAC Ambassador: ensure the effective utilization and practice of ICT skills both in learning and teaching 6. Towards E-confidant school We have ET resources We look towards 21st century needs We want to set and achieve targetsE-confidant school 7. Current ET Resources Camera Digital Microscope Printer scanner Computers Internet Web2.0 tools T. V DVD Mikes and speakers Educational Packages Subject Skills 8. Expected ICT Skills Teachers Subject based ICT skills Learners expected ICT skills and its utilization for each level 9. My Action PlanBeaconhouse School System Sadikabad 10. ActionStepsMethodologyPerson responsible & involvedTimeSuccess criteriaAnalysis of ICT skills [T&L]Layout target skills Skills survey of both teachers & learners setting ICT skills targets both for teachers and learnersHM Coordinator Teachers ICT teacher SelfMay, 2012Effective utilization of available ET resourcesAwarenessET resources list + softboard Workshops Help guides Planning Friendly observationsIT teacher self20122013 Teachers are equipped with basic ICT skills Effective utilization of ICT skills in subject teaching at various levels Maximum utilization of a variety of ET resourcesTraining Support 11. ActionStepsMethodologyResource BankManaging folders Involving teachers Pooling resourcesThematic Projects iEARNIntroduce Select or design SupportPerson responsible & involvedTimeSuccess criteria organizing and Teachers sharing self explored Self online resources sharing search skills and web-links with teachers On demand resourcesMay, 2013 Resources bank would be rich with sufficient resources Next session teachers would utilize resourcesWorkshop explore and choose projects Carrying iEARN projects20122013Each teacher successfully carries out one project per sessionETAC ambassador IT teacher 12. Survey Findings Teachers have clear vision about educational technology and its impact on learning are interested to learn and practice ICT skills Expectations Subject based training workshops ET resources training, planning and implementation More computers for teachers Thinking space/ Online discussion forum Facebook group Teaching with TechnologySupport in planning and implementation of ICT integrated lessons Co-teachers lesson planning, implementation and evaluation General teachers online ICT resources, ICT integrated lesson planning, friendly observations 13. Future Proposal Use of WEB2.0 tools for collaborative learning Building BSS SDK page on Facebook BSS SDK Channel on YouTube to upload students work Use of class Blogs with students for different educational activities E-safety awareness workshops for parents E-safety awareness for learners Participation in online collaborative projects Connecting ICT skills targets with the subjects Support for upgrading [ICT integrated] teaching practice 14. Embedding ICT in Teaching and Learning Class: VI Term I MS-Logo ProjectTerm II ProjectOnline CollaborativeMath : Area, Geometry, Complex shapesSubject teacher can collaboratively work with IT teacher to carry iEARN projectGeography: Floor planning, Community constructionMaking learners aware of Netiquettes Digital citizenship rules E-safety measures 15. Embedding ICT in Teaching and Learning Class: VII Term IBlogging ProjectEnglish, Science, History, Geography Learn and use different features of blogs to meet the targets set by subject teachers. Collaborative learning through creative writing, online discussion groups, online surveys, uploading photos, videos, files to share data onlineTerm I Spread SheetMath, Science, Geography 16. Thank you!


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