Engaging Audiences with Social Media

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1. Engaging Audiences With Social Media Cindy Royal, Ph.D Professor and Founding Director Media Innovation Lab Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication croyal@txstate.edu cindyroyal.com @cindyroyal slideshare.net/cindyroyal 2. Innovation in Journalism and Communication Digital Media Innovation Major Media Innovation Lab New Course Formats Integration with Professionals Experience Learning Projects 3. Establish Goals and Objectives 4. Identify Audience 5. Embrace Engagement Potential 6. Identify Social Media Staff and Processes 7. Website A website still provides a home for your digital presence 8. Facebook Facebook is broadly used by a wide range of people. Use pages and groups to share messaging with constituents. Promote and boost posts and use analytics. 9. Twitter Twitter is widely used by news organizations and technology professionals. It is a good way to get information out quickly, without an algorithm that chooses to show it. Unlike Facebook, you dont have to be a Twitter user to see a tweet. 10. Photos and Visuals Instagram showcase images; visual communication is key. Snapchat experiment with stories; humor is key. But information is removed from stories in 24 hours, so you have to have a strategy for archiving. 11. Video YouTube offers broad potential for hosting videos and providing a community of users. 12. Go Mobile Encourage social media usage on-the-go Facebook Live lets you stream from anywhere. 13. Emerging Trends Chat bots and artificial intelligence provide creative ways to inform and engage 14. Emerging Trends Data Visualization 15. Analytics Use Google Analytics or those associated with your social platform to get information about users, locations, link referrals, etc. 16. Analytics Most social platforms provide analytics for free 17. Other University Applications Showcase campus Highlight student accomplishments Spotlight on research Alumni profiles Sports and other events Seek community input Quizzes, polls, surveys 18. Leveraging Social Review best practices Provide strategic direction and general guidelines Model usage for students and other constituents Promote your position as thought leader on educational issues Spread goodwill about your institutions brand Stay up-to-date conceptually, as well as technically Encourage experimentation