Engaging lessons in google docs

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How to teach students using Google Docs.


1. Using Google Docs to run engaging online teaching sessions by Suzie Vesper, CORE Education Learning@School Hamilton, 2012 2. Background - ELLINZ online 3. Moodle ELGG Adobe Connect The online spaces 4. Key tools 5. 6. Pre and post tests Running record recording Google Forms 7. Drag and drop text boxes Google Presentations 8. Teaching materials for live lessons Google Presentations 9. Differentiation in one presentation Google Presentations 10. Note taking and retelling Google Presentations 11. Drag and drop Google Presentations 12. Sorting and classifying Google Presentations 13. Student final presentations Google Presentations 14. Google Docs Peer editing 15. Google Docs Complete the gap (using Google drawing text boxes) 16. Google Docs Traditional complete the sheet (but online) 17. Games Google Drawing 18. Games Google Drawing 19. Labelling activities Google Drawing 20. Sorting and labeling activities Google Drawing 21. Sorting and labeling activities Google Drawing 22. Student assessment Google Spreadsheet 23. Managing Google Docs with Teacher Dashboard 24. 25. Telling their stories and sharing their cultures 26. Demonstrating their understanding 27. Learning vocabulary 28. What has worked well for your students? What ideas do you have that could build on the examples shared today? Ideas from the floor 29. There will be a focus group of teachers set up that are either specialist ESOL teachers or mainstream teachers workin with ESOL children. Watch this space! Where to from here? Suzies contact details Skype: suzcorey Email: [email_address]