Getting started with wordpress

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  • 2. STEP 1
  • 3. Go to:
  • 4. STEP 2Signup/registration
  • 5. 1To start registration, click ‘Sign up now’ buttonFill out the form to create your WordPress account and you blog address.23Next, click ‘sign up’
  • 6. After you click ‘sign up’, this page will appear. You need to check your e-mail inbox to active you account.4You will received this email, and you need to click this link to start activate your account56Fill out your profile form
  • 7. Save your profile by clicking the ‘Save Profile’ button.78After you finished activate your account, now you can login and start using WordPress.
  • 8. STEP 3Editing your blog
  • 9. 1On your blog homepage, click ‘About’Click ‘Edit’ to start editing the page2
  • 10. Click ‘preview changes’ before you click the ‘update’ 4Click ‘update’Delete text, and start write up your homepage about.536To return back to your homepage, click this button.
  • 11. STEP 4To add links to your blog
  • 12. 1Go to My Blog2Click ‘Dashboard’3Click ‘Add New’
  • 13. Insert information and ‘Add Link’4
  • 14. STEP 5To change your blog appearance
  • 15. Click ‘appearance’ at dashboard page1This page will appear and you can choose your favorites themes and appearance23Select a theme and click ‘Activate’
  • 16. STEP 6To comment on a post
  • 17. 1At your blog page, you can see text ‘comment’ here. To start comment the post you need to click this ‘comment’ text.
  • 18. This page will appear.23Write your comment here.Click ‘post comment’ to submit/reply your comment.4
  • 19. THE END
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    Procedure how to get started with wordpress.