Google drive overview & paperless workflow

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GAFE Advanced Teacher Professional Development


  • 1. Maria StavropoulosTeaching Learning and Teachnology CoordinatorPOW!Attendance

2. GAFE+Create, Share, Collaborate, andManage WorkflowPlusApps &Extensions 3. Accessibility(tablets and chromebooks)Apps vs. Web Based*With editing optionsetc.*Create Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms*Edit Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms 4. Google Drive & Apps*Google Drivefunctions best whenused with GoogleChrome, also allowsfor syncing! 5. Google Drive & Apps*Google Drivefunctions best whenused with GoogleChrome, also allowsfor syncing!NEW LOOK 6. Create, Share, and Collaborate***Prospect Heights School District 23 = Anyone with an account 7. Apps in Chrome Web StoreSearch a specific app.Select from the menu (Education).Add app, and accept any terms*Staff = full app accessibilityStudents = apps limited via Google DriveAPPS for common tasks 8. Where are my Apps?#1 #2 In a new Chromewindow select themulti-colored matrix inupper left corner toaccess theseshortcuts of your appsIn Google Drive select create toview/select apps. 9. Extensions in Web StoreExtra features to customizeyour Chrome browser toallow you do the things youwant to do quickly.Extensions for common tasks 10. Extensions in Web StoreManaging your Extensionsis just as easy as addingthem. Choose to Enable ordelete from the samepreference window.*Extensions will appear in yourChrome Browser on any computer,as long as you log in with youraccount. 11. 10 Ways to Get Started with GAFE1. Take notes for your next grade-level oradministrative meeting in Google Docs and sharewith all attendees.2. Use revision history in Google Docs tomonitor the activity or progress on anassignment.3. Invite a guest lecturer into your class throughvideo chat.4. Give your next multiple choice quiz usingforms in Google Drive. Quickly analyze andsummarize data with the Summary feature.5. Create a parent volunteer survey with formsin Google Drive to collect contact and availabilityinformation.6. Create a grade level folder in Google Drive thatis shared with your team so anyone can add andutilize your classroom files.7. Start a new site in Google Sites that can be atemplate for a student e-portfolio to showcasestudent work and progress throughout the year.8. Use spreadsheets to track homework orbehavior logs and share with parents.9. Set-up a resource calendar for a laptop cart (orprojector, library room, computer lab, etc)10. Set-up pen pals with students in anothercountry and use Gmail translation tools (extra credit- set up a video chat!) 12. Google Support 13. Flashing Ahead...We shall assemble againin a flash on January 20th!Until then lets discuss what goals we will set totry out some of these amazing Google Apps &Extensions tools! 14. Drive: Paperless WorkflowWhich one is a better fit for your students?OR ORClassroom gClass Folders Folders 15. Drive: Paperless WorkflowClassroomCan you use an extra set of hands inyour classroom?What Classroom can do:- Help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly- Automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student.- Creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to helpkeep everyone organized.- Students can keep track of whats due on the Assignments- Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, andprovide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom.Google Classroom Tutorial 16. Drive: Paperless WorkflowMake them once and use themall year round!Create and purge folders into your studentsDrives that allow them to Edit, View, andturn in assigments individually throughtheir Drive.gClass Folders TutorialgClass Folders 17. Drive: Paperless WorkflowWhat can you do with simple folders?Distribute, Submit, Grade, and ReturnAssignmentsFoldersPaperless Workflow Guide 18. Drive: Paperless WorkflowHow will you use these PaperlessWorkflows in your classrooms?Paperless Workflow Survey 19. Drive: FormsGoogle Forms Use Google Forms for formative and summative assessments Survey students: Collect student interest information Do teacher or student observations Tracking discipline referrals Collect information from parents or teachers Spelling tests/ multiple choice tests 20. Drive: Forms 21. Drive: Forms 22. Drive: Forms 23. Drive: Forms 24. Drive: Forms 25. Drive: Forms 26. Drive: FormsWere waiting for your examples!Until then let us know what you are thinking!Drive: Forms Question 27. Superhero FeedbackDon't forget toassemble withyour TIS for1:1 assistanceTake a few minutesto complete our exitsurvey above!D23 TECH HUB


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