Helen Blanchett ARLG Digital Literacy Event - Key issues in developing digital literacy

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PowerPoint PresentationDevelop a Definition & FrameworkTo clarify understanding & identify prioritiesEXAMPLESJisc 7 elements: media literacy, communications & collaboration, career & identity management, ICT literacy, learning skills, digital scholarship, information literacyGreenwich 5 resourcesDecoding, meaning-making, analysing, persona, usingDigilit LeicesterStrands: Creating and Sharing, Assessment and Feedback, Communication, Collaboration and Participation, E-Safety and Online Identity, Technology supported Professional DevelopmentLevels: Entry, Core, Developer, PioneerOnline Resources for StaffFlexible delivery of CPDEXAMPLESOpen University Being digitalwww.open.ac.uk/libraryservices/beingdigital/ Activities can be explored within four themes Finding information, Using information, Creating information, and Workplace skills which map loosely to the OUs Digital and Information Literacy Framework.Self-evaluationsEncourage self-reflection & provide guidance on development EXAMPLESJisc list of self-evaluations includingExeter CASCADE Learner quizhttp://bit.ly/learnerquizResearcher quizhttp://bit.ly/researcherquizDigilit Leicester surveyhttp://www.digilitleic.com/Co-mentoringStudents and staff supporting each otherEXAMPLESLearning ZoneThe Learning Zone at the University of the Arts, London is a peer support and co-mentoring initiative which employs students alongside professional staff and has been considered among the most forward-thinking aspects of institutional provision. Communities of practiceShare expertise, provide peer support, encourage culture changeEXAMPLESDIAL project - Enable sixteen self-identifying communities within UAL to articulate their digital literacies goals and aspirations, assess their existing skills and confidence levels, and develop processes to support their development, including the generation of resources (for example such as digital video recordings of staff using applications which are new to them, and articulating in a voice-over their concerns and their developing understanding).Social networking on campus - ReadingLunchtime sessions - TeesideInstitutional AuditCo-ordinate and benchmark activities across an institutionEXAMPLESJisc DDL Institutional Audit tool Ucisa Survey of Digital Capabilitieshttp://www.ucisa.ac.uk/digcap Student Digital Champions Harnessing student experienceEXAMPLESLSE Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/lsesadl/Jisc Change Agents Networkhttp://www.jisc.ac.uk/rd/projects/change-agents-networkNewcastle University Technology AmbassadorsEmbedding within Professional Review processEnsuring digital literacy is formally recognised in review processesUniversity of Plymouth - Working with HR embedding Digital literacy into the PDR process. The university was moving from an appraisal to a Professional Development Review process, so the project worked with Heads of School and HR to identify digital skills across the board.Newcastle University inclusion of a digital literacy objective within PDREmbedding within the curriculumEnsuring co-ordinated, relevant, timely support for studentsEXAMPLESLeeds Met mapping DL to graduate attributes & making an institution wide priorityDeveloping digital cultures & attitudesMoving beyond skillsEXAMPLESCelebrating innovations, open discussion & exploration, social networking NU Digital, #seeitshowittryit, Teeside DL development day, Digitally Ready projectOnline Resources for StudentsFlexible resources to support developmentEXAMPLESSurrey Skills Portalhttp://libweb.surrey.ac.uk/library/skills/learningskills.htmlUniversity of Southampton Digital Literacies Toolkithttps://www.elanguages.ac.uk/digital_literacies.phpAccreditationFor motivation & recognitions of skillsEXAMPLESUse of accreditation in FE through the units at the Open College Network for both staff and students PADDLE projectOpen Badges eg Mozilla Web LiteracyMapping to graduate attributesMapping digital literacy to key priorities EXAMPLESLeeds Beckett University - Erin NephinStarted 2011 - embedding for undergraduate students as a graduate attribute. Complete course review & DL is now one of the 3 graduate attributes must be embedded in all courses (others are global outlook, being enterprising)Digital Literacy EventsCreate a buzz & share good practiceEXAMPLESNU Digital large exhibition event with surgeries, bitesize demos, cutting edge research & day-to-day skills #seeitshowittryit internal library staff development event at Newcastle UniTeeside Digital Literacy Development dayFund mini-projectsProvide motivation & create examples of good practiceEXAMPLESDigitally Ready projecthttp://blogs.reading.ac.uk/digitallyready/Staff Digital ChampionsProvide local support & expertiseEXAMPLESUniversity of TeesideE-Guides in FE sectorWorking with CareersWorking in collaboration with other teams on employabilityEXAMPLESLeeds Metropolitan University, Sarah Hotchkin & Stevie Farrell library and careers working together on a session on employability / online identity etc


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