How to earn money from blog google adsense affiliate marketing

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Digital Marketing By to create a blog ?& How to Earn Money From blog ?Enter your Gmail id & PasswordAfter login you will getClick on New blog Enter your blog title and blog URL(Address) and click on create blog:You will get following screen & click on new Post:Enter your post title and post content & click on PublishFinally see your blog output..Applying AdSense for blog to Earn MoneyMake login to your account and choose your blog then you will see $ Earnings on left hand sideThen you will see button sign up for AdSense click on itThen you will see option for sign in and create account use your Gmail id to Sign inThen you will see option for Accept Association with My website & content Language options okFinally click on accept associationThen you will see message Redirecting you back to bloggerFinally click on continue Then you will see following AdSense AD Display setting choose first option and click on save setting.Finally visit your blog address you will see ads by Google as you see given below on Right hand sideAffiliate Marketing A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.Go to link click on JOIN NOW FOR FREEThen click on Create your Amazon account After sign up make login and you will see Product Linking menuClick on Product Linking Then you will see three submenus(1)Product links(2)Banner and (3) Link to Any pageclick on Product Links ..Then you will see Product search options enter product name and click on go for example see there is samsung on 7Then you will see list of Product for your search click on Get Link Then you will see option for text an image ,text only ,image only ,add to Widgetclick on Text and Image options..Finally you will get html code for your blog or website .. You can put this code where you want to display.. Html code which you get from amazon past inside your blog for that click on Layout and click on add Gadget and paste html code of amazonThen you will see paste your html code inside content section and click on save..Finally you will see output on you blog..(1)Decide Target Audience(2)Make Ready Content(3)Attract Customer (4)Visitor(5)Leads (6)Nurturing process(7)Convert into sales(8)PromoterHow Digital Marketing Works?