Improving library instruction with the jigsaw classroom

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This presentation describes the Jigsaw method of instruction. It describes how it can used as an effective method for library instruction.


  • 1. Improving Library Instruction with the JigsawClassroomRobert MongeInstructionWestern Oregon UniversityE-mail monger@wou.eduWebsite:

2. What is a Jigsaw Classroom? 3. Can you identify thepicture from thispiece of puzzle? 4. Does this piecemake it any easierto identify? 5. What about thispiece? 6. You cant see what the picture is until you take all the pieces. 7. And put themtogether 8. The Jigsaw Instructionworks the same way 9. Each student becomes an expert in one resource 10. The Expertsthen teach eachother what theyknowAnd theresearch puzzlebecomes clear 11. Jigsaw Instruction are being used in a variety of disciplinesDavid V. PerkinsRenee N. Sarris(2001)A Jigsaw ClassroomTechnique forUndergraduate StatisticsCoursesTeaching of Psychology28.2:111-113. 12. Kemel Doymus(2008)Teaching ChemicalEqualibrium with theJigsaw TechniqueResearch in ScienceEducation. 38.2: 249-260 13. Pricilla Y.L. Chan(2007)Jigsaw Techniquein InternationalFashion RetailingInternational Journalof Learning 13.11:121-125 14. Including Library InstructionMichael Lorenzen(2003)Encouraging Communityin Library Instruction: AJigsaw Experiment in aUniversity Library SkillsClassroom.Illinois Libraries (Online)85.1: 5-14 15. 5 Minutes Introduction / Divide studentsinto four groups: Wilson Select,Proquest, Lexis-Nexis, MDConsult25 Minutes Fill in worksheet as group to learn databases20 Minutes Each group selects aspokespersonspokespersonhas five minutes to demonstratea search using the instructorstation. 16. 5 minutes: Introduction: Divide students into three groups. Group 1: Find BooksWorldCat Group 2: Academic Search Premier Group 3: Proquest15 minutes: Fill out worksheets as group tolearn database5 minutes: Reorganize groups--Each new group has at least one member Group 1, Group 2, Group 325 minutes: Have each member from new groupteach the other members of the groupabout their database.Follow up: Post three filled out worksheets to class page 17. How would you do it? 18. JIGSAW E-LearningTutorials 19. Post to CMS / Library WebsiteClass TutorialsWorldCatAcademic Search PremierProquest Research LibraryLibrary Assignment PDFTutorial Review--PDF 20. References Chan, P.Y.L. (2007). Jigsaw technique in international fashion retailing. International Journal of Learning 13.11: 121-125 Clark, R.C. & Mayer, R.E. (2003). e-Learning and the Science of Instruction. San Francisco: Pfeiffer. Perkins, D.V. & Sarris, R.N. (2001). A jigsaw classroom technique for undergraduate statistics courses. Teaching of Psychology 28.2:111-113. Doymus, K. (2008). Teaching chemical equalibrium with the jigsaw Technique. Research in Science Education. 38.2: 249-260 Lorenzen, M. (2003). Encouraging community in library instruction: A jigsaw experiment in a university library skills classroom. Illinois Libraries (Online) 85.1: 5-14 Mayer, R.E. (2001) Multimedia learning. New York: Cambridge University Press. 21. Please feel free to contact me if youhave questions.Robert MongeInstructionWestern Oregon UniversityE-mail monger@wou.eduWebsite:


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