ITFT-Building a quality organisation

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  • 1. Building A Quality Organization ITFT College, Chandigarh 14/26/2014
  • 2. Introduction Customer Satisfaction is the main aim of every organization. Customer requirements change with time. Competition creates a NEED in the mind of customers. ITFT College, Chandigarh 24/26/2014
  • 3. Dimensions of Quality 1) QUALITY CONTROL: looks at processes concerned with control Focus on auditing an organization requirements specifies what is required ITFT College, Chandigarh 34/26/2014
  • 4. 2) QUALITY ASSURANCE: concerned with monitoring focuses on meeting customer needs (customers defined in the widest sense) provides guidelines looks at outcomes 3) QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: has structures for the sharing of good practice builds in continuous improvement has an element of self assessment ITFT College, Chandigarh 44/26/2014
  • 5. 5 Keys to building Quality Continuous Improvement philosophy Consistency in everything you do Teamwork as part of the culture Routine Measure and Analysis Training for all ITFT College, Chandigarh 54/26/2014
  • 6. Implementing TQM 1) Management Commitment Plan (drive, direct) Do (deploy, support, participate) Check (review) Act (recognize, communicate, revise) 2) Employee Empowerment Training Suggestion scheme Measurement and recognition Excellence teams ITFT College, Chandigarh 64/26/2014
  • 7. 3) Fact Based Decision Making SPC (statistical process control) The 7 statistical tools team-oriented problem solving 4) Continuous Improvement Systematic measurement and focus Excellence teams Attain, maintain, improve standards 5) Customer Focus Supplier partnership Never compromise quality ITFT College, Chandigarh 74/26/2014
  • 8. Quality Circles A group of employees who perform similar duties and meet at periodic intervals, often with management, to discuss work-related issues and to offer suggestions and ideas for improvements, as in production methods or quality control. ITFT College, Chandigarh 84/26/2014
  • 9. Benefits of Quality circle Establishment of quality standard Team Work Positive Attitude Positive working environment Increased productivity Production of standard quality goods ITFT College, Chandigarh 94/26/2014
  • 10. Role in Organizational Transition in TQM Why is CHANGE essential? Customer expectations continuously evolve. Increased Competition Processes become outdated. Technology is changing rapidly. ITFT College, Chandigarh 104/26/2014
  • 11. Teams for TQM A team is a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. The individuals comprising a team ideally should have common goals, common objectives and more or less think on the same lines. ITFT College, Chandigarh 114/26/2014
  • 12. Team building can lead to: Good communications with participants as team members and individuals Increased department productivity and creativity Team members motivated to achieve goals cooperation and collaborative problem-solving Higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment Higher levels of trust and support Diverse co-workers working well together Clear work objectives ITFT College, Chandigarh 124/26/2014