Library instruction for First Year English class

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Professor Yevgeniya Traps, Librarian Jenna Freedman


  • 1.Library Research for First Year English: Women and Culture Spring 2014 Professor Yevgeniya Traps Librarian Jenna Freedman

2. portal to all knowledge. resources specifically for YOUhttp:// & http:// 3. we can help you IM BarnardReference: AOL, Google, Yahoo Text 386.227.6273 (386.BARNARD) 4. research the conversation among scholars 5. recontextualize & reframe Literary/critical Historical Theoretical 6. Literary, critical, or close readingImage from ManageWP blog post by Tom EwerInclude name of text or author in search Add terms to explore an aspect of the text that interests you E.g., characters, themes, places, etc. 6 7. MLA (Zotero) Cited by Limits: date, publication type eLink 8. Historical Include words or phrases important to historical context date-specific (18th or nineteenth century) Era-specific (joseon) Geographical (korea)Do not include text title or author Image from Wikimedia Commons Joseon Chest8 9. Historical Abstracts Truncation * Historical period Limits: date, subject Field designations 10. Theoretical Include words or phrases related to your theorist or lens Select discipline specific databases (e.g., gender studies, philosophy, psychology, etc.) Use theorist's name or philosophy in search term in interdisciplinary database Consider reference sourcesYou may or may not include text title or author Image from South End Press.10 11. Find Articles(Zotero) eLink limits 12. review Databases: primarily articles, but also e-books, dissertations, statistics and other materials 13. CLIO books, e-books, serials, media materials, microforms, etc. CLIO Truncation & Send to phoneLiterary: add the word < criticism > to your author/title, e.g., < "paradise lost" criticism > Historical: indicate dates or era and add a secondary interest to narrow the field Theoretical: < feminis* theor* > or < feminis* theor* haywood > 14. read lab or stacks time Try searches in some of the databases we reviewed AND/OR Use CLIO to find the call number for a book that interests you and find it in the stacks A-M 1st floor N-Z 2nd floor 15. Help me review, revise & form


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