Macro photography

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2. WHAT IS MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY?• Micro Photography is a genre in photography which involves taking photos ofwhich the natural eye would not view in everyday life. Macro means small.So using a standard issue lenses usually would not be useful whenattempting to explore macro photography. A lenses with 35-55 and apolarizer would be they perfect setup using a 400-600D with macroadjustments.• Macro photography has expanded a lot since it was first founded as a genre.Macro photography used to mean taking images of a grain or smaller.• Nowadays Anything not seen by the natural eye is called ‘macro’. 3. EXPLORING MICRO PHOTOGRAPHY: 4. NARROWING DOWN CHOICES:• I would like to wildlife for my Macro exhibit. Here are some more examples of Macrowildlife: 5. MY CHOICES:• I have chosen these two as they stand out from therest in my eyes. These two photos really explore theworld of macro under our noses.• Image 1 explores how wasps use their surroundingsand work in pairs.• Image 2 shows us how other species live and survivein the wild.• For me macro photography is a great choice and Iwould like to showcase this sort of imagery on Task 7.