Mastery Is the Message: Engaging Young Audiences Through Video Games

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A presentation in Washington D. C. for the PRSA 2010 International Conference Powering PRogress, October 16 - 19. Mastery Is the Message: Engaging Young Audiences Through Video Games Steven Kostant, senior vice president, creative strategy, Fleishman Hillard Marc Dionne, senior vice president, creative director, Fleishman Hillard Will McHenry, managing supervisor, digital designer, Fleishman Hillard Kerry Kennedy Troup, senior vice president, marketing communications, Fleishman-Hillard For many gamers, the medium is mastery as they spend hours destroying a nemesis. However, video games also can teach new skills and provide a platform for social good. Admongo Live the ADventure, is a multimedia communications campaign designed and developed by Fleishman Hillards Creative Studio for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This campaign uses video game play to educate children ages 812 about advertising and marketing so they can become more discerning consumers of information and advertising. Explore the blurring lines between the next wave of public relations practice and our roles as communicators who are skilled in creative strategy, digital design and video game development. Gain insights into games that combine education and entertainment, and practical applications for developing games without a blockbuster budget.


1. PRSA October 19, 2010 Mastery isthe MessageEngaging Audiences Through Video Games 2. Steven KostantKerry TroupMarc DionneWill McHenry 3. 4. Why Gaming?Research RevealsContent is KingCreative TranscendsExperience Matters 5. Collect12 Coins 6. 7. Whygaming? 8. 1PeopleLovegaming 9. 10. Seriousgaming 11. 12. Socialgood 13. Gamingcurriculum 14. Educateto Innovate 15. By age 21,the averageAmerican willhave spentmore than10,000hours playing 16. Thats5 yearsof work 17. ZyngaMafia Wars + Farmville100 millionmonthly visitors$4 billion 18. 2Gamesactuallywork 19. 20. 18minutes 21. Researchreveals 22. People who come up with clever solutions are almost always the same people who take the time to figure out the real problem.Jesse Schell 23. Expertsforum 24. Cocreation 25. 26. 27. Playtesting 28. 3Researchis not a boxto check 29. Research is part ofthe entireprocess.That means keepdoing it. 30. 31. 4Researchis notscripture 32. Dont obsess onwhat they said.Focus more onwhy they said it. 33. Whether you agree ordisagree with researchHave a reasonwhy. 34. Never ignore a gut feeling,but never believe its enough.Robert Heller 35. Contentis king 36. 5Content iseverything 37. Content isstoryAvatar: $2.24B (Feb. 2010) 38. Content isauthenticBill of Rights (1789) 39. Content issocialFacebook 500m(Oct 2010) 40. Content isdataInformation graphics 41. Content iscurrentBBC Online (300+ staff) 42. Content isviral 43. Content isreal-timeTwitter 44. Content isgamingAdmongo 45. 6Contentmust havecontext 46. digestible 47. 48. 49. ResearchSubjectMatter ExpertsClientsThe king is promiscuousCreative: Writing &DesignMarketing& PRTech 50. What is theprocess forfor ignitingcontent? 51. 2:Strategy1:Insight3:StagingContentflows4:Creation5:Sustain 52. 7Content istrans-media 53. Content isflexible 54. Creativetranscends 55. Creativetranscends 56. 57. 8Startwith theobject 58. The object is a players perceptionof completion 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. Its the journey, not the end.But the end drives the journey. 65. 9Explorationcreates 66. If you wish to advance into the infinite, explore the finitein all directions.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. explore 78. 10Designismessage 79. Design trends online change slightly less often thanmy socks. Suleiman Leadbitter 80. Johnny 81. blue 82. 83. 84. thinkcritically 85. discover 86. Experiencematters 87. 11Ourgoal isexperience 88. Our goal was not to create a game.Our goal was to create anexperience. 89. 90. 91. 12Welearn fromexperience 92. 93. Experiencematters 94. Care. 95. Experience is100% qualityover quantity. 96. Experience is inthe details 97. People love gamingGames actually workResearch is not a checkboxResearch is not scriptureContent is everythingContent must have contextContent is trans-mediaStart with the objectCreativity is explorationDesign is messageThe goal is experienceWe learn from experience 98. Go play


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