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This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how teachers can use Math !!! or Math Pro!!! by Math Pentagon.


  • Teachers login here!
  • Build yourStudent circle.
  • Tap here to add your first student to circle.
  • Enter your Students Information here.1. Note down the password. Your student will need that to login.2. The student can later change the password from Students Console.3. Assign the student to an appropriate circle. This would help you to group your students.4. Email id is optional. However an email id is always helpful to retrieve a lost password.
  • Once a Studentis successfully added, the student appears here.
  • Want to edit your Student info. Forexample, to reassign the Circle, Grade or would like to add an email id? Just tap on the Studentand a pencil with a trash can will appear.Tap on the Pencil to edit. Tap on the trash can toremove the student from your circle.
  • All students in your circle are visible here.
  • Select the Students forwhich you are creating an assignment.
  • You can create a HomeWork, Class Work or a Test.
  • Select a curriculum fromwhich you can pick your worksheet.
  • Pick the worksheets forwhich you want to create assignments. Pick the submission due date.
  • Creating a Test?1. Enter a name for your test.2. If you would all your students to get the exact same set of questions, mark this option to NO.3. Pick category and select the worksheets you would like to add to your test. Remember you can add any number of worksheets from any number of categories to your test. To add topics from multiple categories into the same test, select worksheet topics, add to test and then switch to another category.4. Tap Add To Test to add the selected worksheets to your test.
  • Choose the number ofquestions from each topicthat you would like to addto test. For example If youhave added 3 topics to thetest with 5 questions from each topic, your test will have 15 questions.
  • Students sign in to the app from here.
  • To collaborate with theteacher, student must login with the samelogin/password created by the teacher in his/her students Circle.
  • Logged in users name appear here. If iPad gets rotated to another student, student must re-login with his own id if the name shown here is of another student. Tap here to view student assignments created by the teacher.
  • The Class Assignments, Home Works andTests that you created for your student circlewill be visible to the students in this screen.Remember - the student will have to login as a student with the login and password the teacher created from student circle. Tap on Pro Worksheets icon(in Math!!! App) orWorksheets icon (in Math Pro!!! App) to get to this screen.
  • Once students complete their work, it is time for you to review theirworksheets. You can review Class work(Assignments), Home Work and tests from the Review options.
  • Tap on any of theseGraphs to see moredetail about Studentwork in that chapter.
  • Tapping on the Graph gives the option to Review or Approve student work. Approving the work will remove this You can also review the assignment from student work in every students view.detail including students scratch work, theirselected answer for each question, score etc.
  • Review yourstudents work in detail.
  • You can also delete any un-attempted assignments fromStudents view by tappingdelete. Remember that if the student has already attempted the assignment you have to approve the assignment to remove it fromStudents view. If student has not attempted theassignment, then you will have the option to delete. Tap on the red graph to view all un- attempted worksheets.
  • Live Learning Center As a teacher you can remotely teach your students live using Math Pentagon. Use a shared whiteboard to teach your students. Both teacher and student sees what each other is writing on the board. The shared whiteboard is preloaded with worksheets that the student needs help with. Speak to each other. See each other by starting video. Teacher enters Live Learning center through Student Circle screen. Student opens the worksheet that he/she needs help with and taps on Live Learning center to enter a Live Session.
  • This is your Student CircleScreen. Tap here to enterLive Learning Center with respective student.
  • Use this button toUse these buttons to mute and un-mute move to different your Audio Use this button to questions in the start and stop your worksheet. Video.
  • Write, hear, seeand teach using Live Learning Center.
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