Measures of success designing managing and monitoring conservation and development projects pdf

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  • Measures of Success: Designing, Managing, and MonitoringConservation and Development Projects

    Richard A. Margoluis, Nick Salafsky

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  • Publisher : Island Press

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  • "Measures of Success" is a practical, hands-on guide to designing, managing, and measuring theimpacts of community-oriented conservation and development projects. It presents a simple, clear,logical, and yet comprehensive approach to developing and implementing effective programs, andcan help conservation and development practitioners use principles of adaptive management to testassumptions about their projects and learn from the results.The book presents a systematic approachto improving the focus, effectiveness, and efficiency of projects, with specific guidelines and adviceon: designing a realistic conceptual framework based on local site conditions developing clearlydefined goals, objectives, and activities creating a monitoring plan that can be used to assesswhether goals and objectives are being met integrating social and biological science techniques tocollect the most relevant and useful data in the most cost-effective way using the informationobtained through the monitoring plan to modify the project and learn from the resultThe text isdeveloped in eight chapters that follow the structure of a planning process from conception tocompletion, with the chapters linked by four scenarios that serve as teaching case studies throughoutthe book. Examples from these scenarios illustrate the processes and tools discussed, and eachscenario case study is presented in its entirety in an appendix to the volume. The approach has beendeveloped and field tested by practitioners working in many different projects in Latin America, Africa,and Asia, and their experience and input ensure that the guide is both practical and useful."Measuresof Success" is the only work of its kindcurrently available, and represents an invaluable resource forfield-based practitioners, project managers, and local community leaders, as well as for internationalNGO staff, college and university teachers and students, researchers, and government officials.

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  • ISBN : 1559636122

    Author : Richard A. Margoluis, Nick Salafsky

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