Microsoft Tech TeachMeet - Minecraft

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PowerPoint CallaghanRooty Hill High SchoolSydney, AustraliaLearning ActivityTech TeachMeetGaming is used in the classroom to enhance collaborationIt permits the construction of technical creationsIt allows users to employ computational thinkingIt increases motivation and engagementIt leads to students to value persistence and develop resilienceImpact of Learning Activity has on students:Increased engagementIncreased motivationTransferability of skillsAbility to collaborateCritical and creative thinkingIncreased ICT skillsIncreased participation amongst girlsThe innovative use of technology in your Learning Activity:Blended Learning EnvironmentsMinecraftMinecraft EduOther gaming units (, mathletics, reading eggs etc)BadgificationCodingCross-KLA applicationsOffice 365Google DocsBlogsHow the Learning Activity encouraged learning beyond the classroom:Transferability of skillCollaboration without teacher intervention or directionCommunication skills via Skype, Google Hangouts, email, bloggingIncreases literacyIncreases critical and creative thinkingEncourages strategic thinkingEnables students to develop cognitive skills, emotional skills and social skills