Mobile devices and learning

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Notes for a talk on Thursday at Sussex University


1. Mobile Devices and Learning Sussex University Designing a GPS course Richard Vahrman, LocoMatrix 7th March 2013 2. Object: to design a GPS course for teenagers Week long course What is GPS? What is it used for? Where do you find it? What can you do with it? Creating games See Locomatrix Invisible Buildings esp. video embedded&v=8U7L0YKi-bc 3. Maps Using maps with GPS Use for SatNav Available resources Google, Open Streetmap APIs Tiling 4. GPS: where else? Apps like 4Square Twitter e.g. #UKSnow Trip Advisor Where else? 5. Coordinates and Haversine Any point on earth described with 2 coords lat/long what do these look like Calculations=Haversine http://www.movable- Calculate distance/bearing/midpoint from 2 lat/longs Destination given distance and bearing Intersection of paths 6. Where am I? Working out the dimensions of your playing area Creating a simple metal detector program Creating a grid in a field Other ideas Use of other phone features 7. Assessing the Work How to do it? Awarding an Open Badge (Mozilla) How this might fit in with other modules


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