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1. MONDAY 24TH FEBRUARY 2014 Please sign in on the clipboard going round. 2. DISCUSSION GROUPS In your groups, each person should spend 1 minute talking about one piece of extra reading that they have done. 3. DISCUSSION GROUPS Group A (PPE/Econ): Ames Harry Bierwirth Jessica Derichsweiler Nicholas Kay Benjamin Oza Dhitri Reisch Luka Ulbrich Constantin Verkammen Kasper Vianello Alberto Group B (Scientists): Binns Phillip Inglesfield Tristan Procopio Francesca Shoesmith Beth van Droogenbroeck Jessica Group C (Engineers): Laidler Patsy Price James Sandin Carlos 4. DISCUSSION GROUPS Group D (Law): Asadzade Khumar Hegger Maren Higenyi Maxine Hinder Henry John Ashleigh Joshua Promise O'Shea Lewis Group ? Lordick Franziska Meagher Sophie Group E (Medics): McConnell Benedict Pangrazi Grace Rocks Cara Thorne Rebecca Group F (Maths): Mueller Constantin Price Timothy Shoesmith Jonathan 5. NEXT MEETING Tuesday11th March Wewill be thinking about debating and presentation skills Comeup with your ideas about the following motion:This House would replace University lecturers with computers