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1. Music videos I admire 2. Bullet for my valentine- Waking The Demon This was probably one of the first music videos I had seen. I remember it appearing on Kerrang! and I instantly loved it. I used to be a massive fan of the band Bullet, and this was by far my favourite video and song by them. I liked it so much because of its contrast of performance and story line, as this video had a solid, bold and different storyline which played spectacular with the music. The build up of music, where the boy is getting bullied with it's final breakdown in the bridge, erupts into a whole new outcome as it turns out the boy is a wear wolf.Video was not exported from SlideRocketI admire how the music really does follow the video as we almost feel bullied as the boy in the video does, it is also very rateable as they have chosen a narrative which can relate to fans and the same sort of troubles in which they may have, but they have put their own twist on it. 3. Young Guns - Stitches This video is completely black and white. The reason as to why I find it so fascinating is because the whole song gives off a colourless feel and by choosing to not have any colour it really does relate closely to the lyrics. The mixture of cuts, with scenes that don't quite make sense make it all confusing, which gives even more emotional connection. The fact that everything seems to be falling apart, with the piano being on fire and the feathers exploding, metaphorically present the mindset of the lead singer and how everything is finally exploding out of place and nothing can be done about it. The vivid shots of extreme close ups on certain objects such as, tattoos, faces and instruments also add to this build up of confusing and isolation.Video was not exported from SlideRocketEvery shot is closely planed out, as the detail is vital, you can see every little drop hitting the drums as it vibrates, you can see the struggle in their faces which ties in with the music. Where the bridge comes in, everything seems to be out of control, and then Guss (lead singer) starts to sing and we see more fast cuts of his eye, mimicking an eagles eye which is then blurred out and we see feathers explode. There is a lot of link within the video which connects with each lyric, making the visuals even more enhanced. 4. Avalanche City - Love Love LoveVideo was not exported from SlideRocketHere we are presented with a disequilibrium where there is disruption, however following the change back to the upbeat song, the narrative is saved as the new equilibrium is made and everything goes back to the way it was, all happy and cheerful. This video is different from most that I have seen, and that is why i admire it, for its work.The whole video is a narrative and also animated. It's hard to get this done right without it being cheesy. But it has a strong clear narrative which keeps you on your feet throughout. The main focus is the lyrics which connect to the song deeply. As it talks about an adventure, the two penguins are going on. The upbeat music follows their journey as the chorus is about Love, the two penguins are sailing past different city's together in the sea. This then speeds up into much faster cuts before the break down of the bridge is introduced. It's a cute love story with a catchy beat. When the narrative is sad, the song follows as the rhythm is lost and it slows down. 5. Sum 41- In too deepVideo was not exported from SlideRocketOne of my favourite bands. The very opening of this music video already sets the seen as it clearly uses a 360 pan introducing a swimming pool, which relates to the song title. "Cause I'm in too deep" The whole video presents a metaphor of an underlining meaning of what the song can be interpreted about. It is basically about a diving contest, with two teams. I like how the way the video involves both performance, from the band who are at the scene but also a short, funny narrative which plays along side it. It shows the band to be likeable, funny, and champions in whatever they do. Compared to the other swimming team, they don't exactly look like winners, however the quirkiness of their personalities shine through, making them outshine everyone else. 6. Placebo - Meds The reason why I like this video so much is because of its meaning. The song is about drugs and an artist who is always on tour and on them. It shows different affects of distortion in which he is going through. Essential he is tripping, everywhere he goes. The music really matches up to the song, as its about forgetting to take your meds.Video was not exported from SlideRocketI like how it shows the different angles, and shakiness of the camera, from him walking around, and his point of view. This video shows the dark side to what it's like to be off meds, and how disfigurement your judgement is. All of Placebo's videos have meaning which I love the most and this one certain does.