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1. Keypad 2. Waves 3. Keypad to encode signalsWaves to transfer signals 4. Sounds to encode speechIntonation and stress to transfer speech 5. They are real, used for communicating 6. Some elements Vowels Consonants Ending sound Stress 7. Vowels a-u-o–i-e Are they vowels 8. /ɔ/ /ʌ/ClockCupOrange GlovesTeapot GunBomb Dove 9. ei ai 10. i: i 11. Consonants 12. Draw your mouth and name its parts 13. Vocal track 14. Place of Bilabial Labioden Dental Alveolar Palato PalatalVelar GlottalarticulationtalAlveolar/Manner ofarticulationPlosivep bT dK gFricative F vθ ðS zʃ ʒ HAffricativetʃ dʒNasalMNŋLateral LApproximaw RjntBy Peter Roach, 1983 15. Ending soundswhy /wine / wire / while / wifefight / fine / fire / find 16. Sheet World BitBag LightFoundThought Fight BedWar Washes WhiteFeetWideFeed LikeBeep WhyWifeBid SatShort Liar BirdWashBeg Fine Big Wine BadFoughtLifeWild SeatButBudFireFight BetBen LieWireLiveSad Find SeedFive Boot 17. AB CD E FSheetWorld BitBag Light Found 1BINGOThought FightBedWar Washes White2Feet WideFeed LikeBeepWhy 3Wife Bid SatShort LiarBird4Wash Beg Fine Big WineBad 5Fought LifeWild SeatBut Bud 6Fire Fight BetBen Lie Wire7Live Sad Find SeedFiveBoot8 18. Stress* Do we have stress in Vietnamese?* How many tones are there?* English has many different stress patterns  Most two-syllable nouns  Most two-syllable verbs Various  Various 19. Nation, English, student, Cambridge, limitAttract, invest, design, attack, garage Different, national, fortunate, lunatic Investment, domestic, tomato, fantasticMathematic, revolution, variation Environmental, qualification, appreciation 20. Group challenge* Group a group* Find a list* Ask the other* Confirm 21. Activity:  22. * Nation, photograph, lecture, arrive, paragraph,environmental, attack* Mission, tourist, admire, pollution, mathematic,national, limit* Investment, potato, appreciation, design,arrange, delete


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