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SN Presentation to the Department of Physiology Redefining Resources Otago Polytechnic Staff Development conference 2009 Russell Butson Higher Education Development Centre University of Otago Theoretical Considerations Emerging Paradigm – Barr & Tagg Instructional Paradigm Traditional Self-Directed Paradigm Emerging Knowledge Transfer from faculty to students Jointly constructed by students and faculty Students Passive vessel to be filled by faculty’s knowledge Active constructor, discoverer, transformer of own knowledge Faculty Purpose Classify and sort students Develop students competencies and talents Relationships Impersonal relationships among students and between faculty and students Personal transactions among students and between faculty and students Context Competitive and individualistic Collaborative learning involving teams and faculty Assumptions Any expert can teach Teaching is complex and requires considerable training Findings Teacher Perspective Student Approach [consumption of information] Student Approach [Group Presentation] Individual students had some ‘amazing resources’ including.. YouTube animations/videos Articles Web sites Research Blogs Research Wiki’s Staff were actually very impressed by the quality of many of these resources.... Which raises the question... is it the responsibility of staff to source/supply resources? Closer investigations revealed... In higher education the focus has been on content and the delivery of this content to the student. Adopting this new paradigm would see us harnessing the collective intelligence of our students to continually improve the student experience through a more intensive interaction in the educational process. This represents a far more complex environment than is presently in place. Students would be viewed not as receptacles for information but as an integral element of the construction of knowledge. In fact, to adopt this approach is to make students an essential part of the educational process in ways that blur the boundaries between our traditional conceptions of teaching and learning. The Potential of the Emerging Model Solutions Teacher Perspective Where to Next... We need to broaden our current narrow view of ‘resources’ . Currently resources support consumption of information rather than the construction of knowledge [...they are not part of a purposeful workflow]. Resources are currently supplied by the course, but should be supplied by staff & students and be accessible from a course/paper repository. Key Points * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *