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  • 1.
  • 2. Performance Management Systemof TCS
  • 3. Values of TCS-Foundation of PMSExcellenceLeading ChangeLearning and SharingIntegrityRespect
  • 4. Objective To enables employees to be more competitive.To ensure employees have clear objectives set on time and linked to the Organisation’s Goal.To provide qualitative developmental feedback to the employee.To ensure fair and impartial proceedings during Performance Appraisals.To ensure that TCS has talent in place to compete and win.To manage, recogniseand motivate talent.To establish accountability i.e. to convey that there are real rewards for performing, and consequences for non-delivery.
  • 5. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL-Core of the Performance Management System in TCS- Performance Appraisals Types of Performance AppraisalsPeriodic Appraisals-Two Half Yearly Appraisals(H1 & H2)OrSingle Annual AppraisalsProject End Appraisal
  • 6. Stages in Performance AppraisalPerformance Planning (Goal Setting, Goal Discussion and Goal Acceptance)Self EvaluationPerformance Evaluation and Developmental FeedbackRationalisation
  • 7. PERFORMANCE ENABLERS-opportunities and learning initiatives1. Create opportunities2. Encourage Continuous Learning3. Competency and Learning Management
  • 8. Activities in Performance Appraisal Process1. Data Validation2. Performance Planning (Goal Setting, Goal Discussion and Goal Acceptance)3. Self Evaluation4. Performance Evaluation and Developmental feedback5. Rationalisation6. Final Communication of Performance Band