Panel on Mobile Computing Devices and Applications for Teaching & Learning

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Drs. Michael M. Grant, Michael K. Barbour, Yu-Chang Hsu, Florence Martin, Hui-Yin Hsu, Shiang-Kwei Wang & Cindy York present a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the Association for Educational Computing and Technology in Louisville, KY, as part of the teacher education division (TED).


  • 1.Mobile Compu,ng Devices and Applica,ons for Teaching & Learning Teacher Educa+on Division Panel Discussion

2. Michael M. Grant Associate Professor University of Memphis 3. Michael K. Barbour Assistant Professor Wayne State University 4. Yu-Chang Hsu Assistant Professor Boise State University 5. Florence Mar,n Associate Professor in Instruc+onal Technology University of North Carolina Wilmington 6. Hui-Yin Hsu Associate professor New York Ins+tute of Technology 7. Shiang-Kwei Wang Associate Professor New York Ins+tute of Technology 8. Cindy York Assistant Professor of Instruc+onal Technology Northern Illinois University


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