Paragraph by Cause and Effect

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Paragraph by Cause and EffectGroup 3

Objectives:Define Paragraph by Cause and EffectSite the process in creating Paragraph by Cause and EffectActively participate in class discussion

Cause and EffectAnything can be an effect brought about by one or more causes

For Example(Play)

Causal AnalysisIt is the breaking down of an effect into component causes.Or the opposite way: the cause as a subject and break down what follows into the different effects created by the causeFor Example(Play)Cause#1: For some, it is the failure of the parentsSupporting Detail: Some students stop when their parents die or when they can no longer support their educational expensesCause#2: Failure of the students themselves.

Sequence VS. Cause and EffectA sequence is a series of events. It can only become a cause and effect paragraph if the second sequence affects the first.Differentiate: (Play)Someone knocks at the door, you opened it Vs. Someone knocks at the door while he was at the bathroom thats why he cant open it.

Immediate Cause Vs. Remote CauseE.g., (Play)Immediate Cause: He runs around the lawn and up the stairs and the bad newsRemote Cause: He may be smoking, drinking, sleeping late, stress, etc.IMMEDIATE CAUSE- they are causes with immediate contact or the ones that are visible in the paragraph.REMOTE CAUSE- causes that are removed in time or space from the effects they createFormats:From cause to effectCause as the subject and examines what the effect might beE.g.:Kyle is smoking everyday thats why he got lung cancerCause -Effect - development-Effect development

Effect to Cause-Effect as the subject and examines what the cause might beE.g.:Hector has a liver cancer. He has a bad habit: He smokes and drinks almost every week.Effect- Cause- developmentCause- development

Effect-Cause-EffectE.g.:Effect: Greenhouse gases surround the Earth.Cause: Pollution caused these gases for it generates more Carbon dioxide.Further Effects: Because of these gases, Global Warming happens.Effect-Cause-Further Effects

GamesCause and Effect

Example:G_o_ _l_a_mi_g1

B_dF_ _ur_


F_ v_r


B_dGr_ _e_s

4_ _ve


6E_ _ p_ob_ _m

7sh_r_ l_f_

8He_ _th_ l_f_

9R_in_ _w



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