Pinterest in the Classroom

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Pinterest in the Classroom

Pinning in the ClassroomHow Pinterest can be used to increase student engagement

Kayla Derbyshire


MENUWhat is Pinterest?Whats its classroom use?Example Pinterest BoardIs it easy to use?How can I access Pinterest?

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What is Pinterest?Pinterest is an online pinboard, or corkboard. It is a form of social bookmarking that allows users to share websites with one another through the use of visuals. Users create boards, and then pin their visual bookmarks onto these boards. Boards can be organized however one wants by theme, topic, item, even color! The only rule is that nothing can be pinned with an image. Users can choose to share their boards or keep them private. Users can also search Pinterest for other peoples boards and pins. This is useful to discover more of your favorite things! If you find something you like on someone elses board, you can repin to your own board to save. You can even follow someones board if you really like what they keep pinning!

Ease of useAlthough Pinterest may seem daunting at first, it is very easy to pick up and start using. If you ever need help, the Pinterest website has a help section here, and there is also a plethora of resources available online. BBC Active has put out an article about how to use Pinterest specifically for education, which you can find here.

Classroom useSuggested reading for studentsMissed/Absent workLecture notesVideo linksLesson plansCollaboration between classesGroup workPresentationsParent information

accessPinterest is free! You can access it by clicking here. In order to start your own Pinterest board, you must register with a username, email address, and password. You can get a free email account here. Pinterest can either be accessed online or through an app downloaded to tablets and phones (iOS and Android). There is no official Pinterest app for a Windows phone at this time.

Example Pinterest boardSuggested books for middle school students. These could also be organized in different boards according to genre, theme, etc.