Pinterest in the classroom

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Pinterest in the Classroom

Michelle Kurkul

Pinterest in the ClassroomWhat is Pinterest?A visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for projects and ideasOnline Bulletin BoardPopular Uses: wedding planning, craft ideas, recipes, fashion, workouts

2BasicsPin: visual bookmarks of stuff you like!Board: organize pins by theme or topicIndividual/UserRepinLike

3How to Use It!Sign Up!

4How to Use It!Explore things that interest you.Search for friends!Search for particular topics

How to Use It!RepinOriginal Pin

Uses in the Classroom1. Teachers Board

Uses in the Classroom2. Classroom Board

Uses in the Classroom3. Student Boards

Pros: Why should you use Pinterest?Inspiration! Teachers and StudentsGood for Visual LearnersEasy access anywhereShared Boards/Secret BoardsComments

Cons: Some Issues with Pinterest13 and up onlyNo RSS Feed