Present simple/continuous Past simple/continuous

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Summary of forms and uses of those verbal tenses.


1. PRESENT SIMPLE Iamvery happy today. Iworkat a fire station. Wedon't playbasketball on Monday. Sheisn'tin the office this morning. The childrenarenthappy today. Doyoufancycoming to school with me? IsMary a shop assistant? Whowritesthe news at the weekend? PRESENT CONTINUOUS Tomis writinga letter at the moment. Youare workinghard today. Susanisnt comingto school this morning. Aretheywalkingto school now? Whois knockingon the door? PAST SIMPLE Iwasvery happy yesterday. Iworkedat a fire station when I was 24. Wedidn't playbasketball last Monday. Shewasntin the office yesterday morning. Didyouenjoycoming to school with me on Tuesday? WasMary a shop assistant five years ago? Whowrotethe news last weekend? PAST CONTINUOUS Tomwas writinga letter at 7 oclock this morning. Youwere workinghard yesterday while Iwas watchingTV. Susanwasnt comingto school on Tuesday 4.30 in the afternoon. Weretheywalkingto school yesterday when we saw them? 2. PRESENT SIMPLE Routines, habits : I usually watch TV in the evening. Facts that are always true : The sun rises in the east. Thoughts and feelings :I dont understand. Schedules: The train leaves at 5 p.m. 3. PRESENT CONTINUOUS Things happening at the moment of speaking: You arent listening to me! Temporary actions: Ellen is coming to school by car this week. Future plans: I am going to London next week. 4. PAST SIMPLE Actions that took place in a finished moment in the past : My daughter didnt sleep well last night. Actions that happened one after the other in the past: I arrived at school, I opened the door of my classroom and I went in without a word. 5. PAST CONTINUOUS To describe an action taking place at a given time in the past: This time yesterday my dog was barking in the garden. To describe an action taking place when another one happened: My father was cooking dinner when the phone rang.


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