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1. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) Major Louis Radmilli Reminiscences 2014 Major Louis Radmilli with Victor Radmilli (Son) and Luigi (Grandson). 2. 1942 Lt.Louis Radmilli, Sgt.Abela MM, Lt. L.P.Zammit, Sgt.Mercieca, 3. 1943 Rita and Louis Radmilli at Salina A.A. Gun position. 4. 1957 ‘Booby’ Marks and Maj. Radmilli at the Officiers Mess – Sliema point battery. 5. July 1962 LtoR: Lt Rene Formosa, Cynthia Zammit, Major Louis Radmilli, Rita Radmilli, Maj. L. Zammit, Yvonne Manche, Surgeon Major Loris Manche, Matty & Maj. Tony Debono. 6. 1963 H.E. Sir Guy Grantham meeting Maj. Radmilli and Battery at Salina “Hide”. Godwin Hampton comments: Bristol Bofors, a wartime Bofors gun modified after the war by the Bristol Aeroplane Company so that it could be traversed and elevated electrically by one layer using a joystick. Note the original braking system with which a rope in the hands of a gunner sitting in the back of the towing truck would be pulled when necessary. This rope would pull up a lever attached to a hydraulic master cylinder to apply the rear brakes. The rear of the tractor for the gun, an AEC Matador, is visible behind Maj. Radmilli. 7. H.E. Sir Guy Grantham - Salina with Maj. Radmilli O.C. 20 Bty and Capt. J.L.H. Perici T.C., ‘A’ troop are on his left. 8. Maj. Radmilli accompanying H.E. The Governor Sir. Guy Grantham at inspecting the troops on exercise, speaking to B.S.M. Blundell. Godwin Hampton comments: BSA M20 500cc motorcycle, with a Series 1 LandRover ( probably an 86" wb ) behind. The BSA's rider is wearing an early WW2 motorcyclist's helmet made out of compressed paper. Around 1944 this was replaced by a steel shell. The “S1”sign on the radiator grille of the LandRover means that the vehicle is allocated to the Signals Officer. 9. Prime Minister George Borg Olivier inspecting Camp at Ghajn Tuffieha. Maj. Busuttil Adjt, the PM, Lt Col Joe Cremona C.O. 3/11, Maj. Radmilli (2i/c). 10. 1964 Explaining CD exercise to H.E. the Governor Sir Maurice Dorman on the left is Maj.Louis Radmilli, Lt Col Louis Pace Bonello the C.O. on the right. 11. P.P. Formosa, Louis Radmilli, ‘Zgi’ Micallef Trigona, Antoine Pace–Bonello, ‘Coco’ Cremona, ‘Effie’ Sammut Tagliaferro. 12. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) Updated 14 March 2014 “3/11 PDF” Library: 1. Royal Malta Artillery 1800-1970.pdf 2. The Birth and Demise of a Regiment(1941).pdf 3. Memories of 11th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment(1951).pdf 4. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) in the Infantry role(1967).pdf 5. Major Victor D'Ugo(1936).pdf 6. Major Louis Radmilli.pdf 7. Last of the Bofors.pdf 8. Sgt Alfred Aquilina(1940).pdf 9. Sgt. Francis Xerri(1940).pdf 10. Ftit Ritratti min Francalanza.pdf 11. Bofors Heritage.pdf 12. 3/11 Regiment at Sports.pdf.


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