Six rows of flower quiz 4

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1. Six rows of flowers Mariela Gonzalez Robles Universidad Latina 2. Conflict Uncle Hiroshi gave to Tatsuo a big responsibility on taking care of the pompons to keep Tatsuo busy. 3. Rising Action Tatsuo lived at the nursery, he asked a lot of questions to the adults. 4. - Uncle Hiroshi gave six rows of pompons to Tatsuo to take care of them . 5. . Uncle Hiroshi taught Tatsuo how to care of the pompons such as: spray bugs, pull out the weeds, how to keep the place clean. 6. . The pompons of Tatsuo were in bad conditions and his father wanted to cut them down and burn them, uncle Hiroshi said no because some of them survived. 7. Climax Tatsuo cut the pompons down and he made the bunch of the flower to sell them in the flower market. 8. Resolution Tatsuo was the worst gardener in the world.


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