Social Media 101: Social Media Your New Business Card - Getting Started with WordPress

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  • 1. Social Media is Your New Business Card Session 1 Getting Started 503.213.4480
  • 2.  
  • 3. Social Media Overview
  • 4. Domain-User Profile Name
    • Your username/profile and domain/website name are your social media networking “brand”.
    • Your domain name is your web the .com stands for commercial business.
    • Your username/profile name is your identity in the social media networking community.
    • Careful selection of both increases your presence in Google search results and in the social media network.
    Domain-User Profile Name
  • 5. Domain Name Basics
    • Brainstorm for 5 top keywords that people would search to reach your website.
    • Do a Google search on yourself. Also search your top keywords.
    • Keep your domain unique, short, easy to remember and type – don’t use hyphens
    • 1031 Guru – Google search this for Bob Nelson
    • Name your site after your domain
  • 6. Profile Basics
    • Choose a profile name to use across all your social networks – your social brand
    • You can get an SEO trifecta if your profile name, domain name and blog title are all the same.
    • Choose a easy and memorable name:
      • Craig Johnson CCIM
    • Use a professional looking self-photo
  • 7. Profile Basics
    • Create a short but detailed profile description highlighting you and your business.
    • Fill in all the available fields – many of these fields are searchable with both the site and search engines.
    • Include your blog/website links
  • 8.
    • Use these tools to check availability of usernames and domain names.
    Username Check http:// Instant Domain Search http:// Domain-Username Tools
  • 9. WordPress
    • Zero cost – open source software
    • Over 25M users including CNN and the New York Times
    • Search engines love dynamic content
    • Huge online resources including: tutorials, plugins, and themes
    • Update social media network by simply posting to your site.
  • 10. Choosing a Hosting Company
    • Bluehost hosting is $6.95 per month and includes: one free domain, great customer service and easy Wordpress installation.
    From: LinkedIn WordPress User Group Topic: Best Hosting Sites for WP? http:// /track/artizondigital
  • 11. Installing WordPress
    • Bluehost makes installing WP easy and fast with Simple Scripts.
    • Follow this simple tutorial from the helpdesk or have tech support walk you through:
  • 12. Press This
    • Make a post in less time than it takes to drink your morning cup of coffee with automated blogging from your web browser.
    • Make Use Of Tutorial for installing and using The Press This Bookmarklet:
  • 13. Prep Work for Session 2
    • Secure/select your domain and user name
    • Set up your hosting
    • Install WordPress
    • Join the LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter communities
    • Make a post with Press This
  • 14. Session 2 Connecting Through WordPress
    • WordPress walk through
    • Connecting through WordPress to your social media community.
    • Make search engines love your posts. 503.213.4480
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    This seminar covers the basics you need to create the a WordPress hosted blog. The hub of your social media network. The topics include:Choosing a Domain User Profile NameWordPressChoosing…