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Startup Camp Sunday Presentation Deck

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Sunday night facilitator's deck for Startup Camp PDX, Feb 2014. This contains introductions to the keynotes, judges, advice to the Campers, and a few other details.


PowerPoint PresentationClear1-6launch!!PortlandCatlin Gabel + OES + LincolnWe believe in the power and potential of student innovationFacilitatorTwitter/Wifi Info1Corporate Accounts Manager@ UP GlobalFounder of DongleKong and MatterCompilersStartup Weekend OrganizerTiE Program Director@skjain2Hi, Im ShashiLife Begins Where your Comfort Zone Ends. -NEALE DONALD WALSCHTRY NOT. DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY. -YODAI am your facilitator. That means I help set the pace of Startup Camp. If you have any questions about how this works or would like to share your experience, come to me.I just flew in today from another startup weekend event at a corporation in Kansas City. Im to share with you what I shared with them.Its easy to get used to something and getting really good at it and stop doing new things. I want to congratulate you all for just being here and trying something new. But showing up is not enough.I have one ask of each of you. Push yourselves out of that comfort zone; push yourselves harder than you ever have before and when you experience something new DO it with all you got. I promise you that what you build together will be wonderful.2Social Media for TonightCheckinCatlin Gabel School / Startup Camp PDXTwitter#SUPPDXWiFi: CGS-GuestFacilitator2 wifi networks cover the entire buildingMeraki best for this big roomThanks to CLEAR for donating our network3Male [83] / Female [19]Hacker (40) / Hustler (42) / Hipster [20]FreshMen (18) / Senior [60+]High Schools [6]Interviews [500]Revenue [$3000+]About YouFacilitator4Keynote SpeakerMatt EllisFounder, CEO CloudabilityGraduate of 500 startups, Techstars, Portland Seed Fund, PIEOur Amazing Sponsors6More Amazing SponsorsMonica EnandCEO, ZapprovedKanth GopalpurFounder, Monsoon CommerceBill LynchEntrepreneurManpreet KhairaCEO, AvneraAjay MalhotraVP, CBRESanjay NatarajanVP, Tech & Mfg GroupIntel CorpThank you for supporting Student Innovation!Dan WellerSmartMochaBenjamin BillupsMark WahleCEO Wahle VineyardsContributorsContributorsContributorsWANTHang ItUpcycle CommunitiesHoursAssist3DCookie ConeInnovation InitiativeBubbleMyTableKidstarterKing of the CourtAd-Up5 minutes to present3 minutes of Judge Q/AStrict timingPresentation orderRun of Show11Drew BernardFounder, ActionSproutAngel InvestorJenn LynchVenture Partner,Portland Seed fundJudgesEmma McIlroyCoFounder of WildFangAjay MalhotraVP, CBRECatlin ParentNitin RaiPresident, TIE OregonCEO, First InsightAngel InvestorCatlin ParentFacilitatorTemplateText boxesText samplesLogos .pngsGPS marker12NextThe PrizesBest IndividualBizDevStudentADMISSION TO YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS BUSINESS WEEK PROGRAMBest ExecutionPIZZA PARTY FOR YOUR TEAM HOSTED by a PDX Startup CEOBest Customer validationBest Biz ModelBest Team OverallTRIP TO TIECON IN SAN CLARA, CAPERSONAL TOUR OF SPACE-X(AND MAYBE AN INTRO TO ELON MUSK]FacilitatorTemplateText boxesText samplesLogos .pngsGPS marker13Presentations!Template14You did it!Template15The next 30 minutesJudgingA word from TiE Youth EntrepreneursWhat happens now?We Need Volunteers!Give students the experience of EntrepreneurshipYou will become super connectedOpportunities in Marketing, Social, Design, Tech Development, Logistics, Outreach, Food, Speaker/Mentor/Judge, FacilitationEmail Meredith at GoddardM@catlin.eduFacilitatorTemplateText boxesText samplesLogos .pngsGPS marker17Stay ConnectedLinkedIn Alumni Group @StartupCampPDXWeb: http://StartupCampPDX.comPractice These SkillsIf you Continue your projectsApply what you learned school, your ideas, your liveABC -> Always be CuriousPortland.StartupWeekend.orgPLEASE HELP US BY CLEANING UP BEFORE YOU LEAVE.Template20MonicaColbyMeredithIanNitinHamzahSadieShashiOur Amazing OrganizersAND THE WINNERS ARETemplate22Why are we Here?Entrepreneurship=Career PathHow many of you have parents who are entrepreneurs?How many of you have been shown the path towards entrepreneurship in school?Some of you? Were here to show you how.23FacilitatorRe-energize before going into pitchfireSlide is only used as an obvious break from the slide deck.24To Do1800 Mat Ellis1820 Pitch Intro1824 Pitches begin2000 Pitches EndJudging beginsTye Talk2030 Judging Results/wrap2040Have we printed judging sheets?Timer?tweeting?Tech Check Order160016051610161516201625163016351640164516501655WANTHang ItUpcycle NationHoursAssist3DCookie ConeInnovation InitiativeBubbleMyTableKidstarterKing of the CourtAd-Up