The role public libraries play in supporting digital literacy

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The Role Public Libraries Play in Supporting Digital LiteracyJacqueline Widdowson BA MA MSc MCLIPPMLG ChairDarwen Librarian and Library Manager @CILIPPMLGThree Sections:1: Context2: Future Direction3: Initiatives and ResourcesJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016#Section 1: ContextJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016#Public Library SpacesWi-Fi in 99.3% of Public Libraries : Public Access PCs as core offerMore than half of the UK population has a current library card1Over 12 million UK adults do not have basic digital skills151 Library authorities all differentJacqueline Widdowson, Evolving Library InterfacesComplex/Hybrid Library ModelRFID Self-ServiceeBookseMagazinesOnline ResourcesLibrary Apps Gloucestershire CCLibrary Facebook App London Borough of SuttonJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Evolving Library Interfaces:An area for growthCurrently UK public library digital interfaces are underused.SCL reported :Digital visits to public libraries often exceed physical visits in North America, while in England, in spite of higher digital activity in society at large, a meagre digital presence has meant that digital visits to the public library are substantially lower1Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016References: Digital Literacy for Young PeopleThe new National Curriculum in England requires pupils to leave school digitally literate: able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology - at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world1eSafety more on this laterPublic Access PCs for childrenIncorporating digital technologies into childrens events:QR code trailsAugmented realityCodingJacqueline Widdowson, Literacy for Young People:CodingNesta, Young Digital Makers reports: Eightytwo per cent of young people surveyed said they were interested in digital making1 High Demand!Yet, less than half actually undertook coding projects. Jacqueline Widdowson, - March 2015 Code Playgrounds : - partnership delivery.Code Green project - upskilling library staff. Festival of Code - August, National Coding Week September,EUCode Week- October, theHour Of Code December Events to tie-in with.Digital Literacy for Older People4.5 million older people never get online1Age UK report that : over two thirds of all digital exclusion is among those aged 65 and over2Silver Surfer over 60s computer courses increasingly volunteer supported.One Digital project: During 2016 the Partners aim to collectively recruit, train and support 1,400 Digital Champions who can go on to help around 9,500 people across the UK with basic digital skills.Jacqueline Widdowson, Digital Literacy for BusinessesSupport business start-ups and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)City Business Library: collection, workshops, online courses, online resourcesBusiness and IP CentresBIPC Network:Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Exeter and NorthamptonSet up in partnership with British Library andsupported by Enterprising Libraries, with funding from the Intellectual Property Office, Department for Communities and Local Government and Arts Council EnglandGoogle Garages: Https:// courses on everything from search to social media, to help people grow their business or career.Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Section 2: Future DirectionJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016#National Strategy:SCL Digital OfferAs a baseline every public library service should provide:Free internet access (for a minimum period of time)Clear and accessible online information about library servicesStaff trained to help customers access digital information1 - Digital Information Skills for Library WorkforceEssential Digital Infrastructure for Public Libraries in Engalnd2 Plan:Advocates the introduction of a standards-based digital platform with standardised APIs3, standardised automation middleware, a national aggregation service and pluggable architecture. - A single digital presenceJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016References: = Application Programme Interface National Strategy: Libraries Taskforce23rd March 3rd June 2016 Consultation: Libraries Deliver: Ambition for Public Libraries in England 2016-2021Purpose 2: Digital Literacy Ambitions:1 digital literacy recognised as a core skillall public libraries delivering an active Digital Inclusion programmelong-term partnership with Go ON UK and related digital literacy initiativesall public libraries delivering Assisted Digital / Digital Inclusion supportlibraries seen as spaces where the community comes together to co-create and make thingsPurpose 4: Economic Growth: supporting businesses to create jobsJacqueline Widdowson, National Strategy: Libraries Taskforce99.3% will become 100% - Free Wi-Fi in public libraries The Leadership for Libraries Taskforce has had early discussions with various potential funders both inside and outside government1 in pursuit of the 20million capital investment required to lay down the infrastructure for a single digital public libraries presence. Joined-up WorkingLibraries Deliver: Ambition for Public Libraries in England 2016-2021 Action Plan - Coming soon!Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016References: National StrategyInformation Literacy Framework for Wales - launched 2011Libraries have a central role in information literacy delivery and development4 Key Skills areas, including: Developing ICT Skills:Subsection 1: Finding and developing information ideasSubsection 2: Creating and presenting information ideas CQFW Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales levels 1-8 from entry to doctoralOverlays formal and informal learningMerges the concepts of volume of learning achievements (credit) and the demands made by that learning on the learner (level) to create a system that is able to embrace all types and styles of learning1 Welsh Government 2010Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016References: Channel MigrationThe governments "Digital by Default" stance local authority level as well as at a national levelLibrary as front door to council servicesBig pressure on library staff to provide direct support to time-pressured fundamentally important tasks such as Universal Reports developments in citizen-facing eServicesFree weekly newsletterJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Channel MigrationDigital Inclusion Activities Could Save Local Authorities 800,000 per annumA report published by the Tinder Foundation July 2016, on the outcomes of the Library Digital Inclusion Fund Action Research Project, calculates that effective digital inclusion activities, such as computer skills classes, could save the council more than 492 per person supported. If similar activities were to be recreated across all 151 library services in England, over 7.5million of cost savings could be achieved.Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016References: 3: Resources and InitiativesJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Digital Unitewww.digitalunite.comSince 1996Wide range of online guides and learning activities available, from What is a computer? to Whats new in Windows 10? to Accessing the internet on a smartphoneDigital Champions Network online training and supportQuestion ForumOne Digital projectJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Case Study: Rochdale Digital Festival2015 and 2016Organised by Rochdale Borough CouncilMore than 30 businesses took part, including:Google; BT; Community Arts North West; Boots; Marks and Spencer; BarclaysHosted in the libraryHands-on how to sessions on diverse topics: banking, shopping, health, eBooks, council services, email, skype, social mediaThe Help Bar troubleshooting drop-in Jacqueline Widdowson, eSafetySome authorities creating their own policies and guides for library users: KAOS: Kirklees Awareness of Online Safety: Kent CC: Many US Public Libraries: New York ; Westville ; Hamilton NSPCC: Money Saving Expert Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016eSafetyThink You Know: Downloadable resources including:Short films on Cyberbullying, Grooming, social networkingPrintable social media guides incl. Whats App, YouTube and InstagramFactsheet checklists and information on inappropriate websitesCartoons, worksheets, games, postersA cross-government campaign, funded by the National Cyber Security Programme, covering all areas of online security from secure banking to writing IT policies to safe online dating: Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Mozilla Web Literacy Terminology Map Wheel (pictured)Detailed creative lesson/session plans with worksheets and activities.Tools for teaching and learning code.Puzzle BoxesWeb Junctionwww.webjunction.orgThe learning place for librariesDigital Inclusion section see infographic Digital Literacy and Technology sections aggregating articles, webinars and latest newsWide range of Free courses for librarians on topics including:eBooks and DevicesSocial MediaDesigning Web-based trainingJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Tinder Getting started videos matched to peoples experience/skill levelA range of short courses on practical topics like job hunting, online banking and using Facebook. Tinder Foundation: Access: the Journal of the Public and Mobile Libraries Group, Issue 10: Article by Luke Wilson, Project Delivery Manager: "With their new skills, we've seen people go on to find work, improve their health and wellbeing, manage their money or communicate with relatives"Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Tinder FoundationGet Online Week, 17th - 23rd October 2016. (funding available)www.getonlineweek.comGoogle Garage Partnership offering small businesses digital skills for success.Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Be Online:launched 2015National digital inclusion campaign2 Weeks end of FebruaryMultiple venues including librariesGo On UK / Dot Everyone Exclusion Heatmap (pictured)Go Online Local: Practical guidance to help you improve Basic Digital Skills in your local areaIncludes, not just training but also promotion and measuring and evaluating.Basic Digital Skills Framework:Five Sections: Managing Information Communicating Transacting Problem Solving CreatingThree streams within each section: SafetyActions for IndividualsActions for OrganisationsJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016And a few - provides training resources and promotes network of learning centres (including libraries) delivering digital literacy skills.Coursera Higher Education level information and digital literacy University of Marketing in a Digital World University of Innovating in a Digital WorldInstitut Mines-TlcomCreate and publish multimedia eBook using free Network building and feedback orientated, eBook publishing Art led narrative eBook creation - Child and carer/teacher orientated eBook maker siteFuture Learn Higher Education and Cultural Institution MOOCs : - Open How to Write a CV Online - University of Learning Online: Searching and Researching University of Leeds.Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Initiatives and Resources on PMLG Jacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016Any Questions?Jacqueline Widdowson BA MA MSc MCLIPPMLG ChairDarwen Librarian and Library Manager @CILIPPMLGJacqueline Widdowson, 05-08-2016 FREE!Libraries Pay: Public Libraries Supporting Economic Prosperity Booking:Places FREE for PMLG Members; All others will be invoiced 20 +VAT .To find out more or book a place contact: Date: Tuesday 20th SeptemberLocation: CILIP, London, WC1E 7AEConfirmed special guests includes, the award winning creator of the Businessline initiative, Gareth Hatton; Tinder Foundation; and the Chief Executive of CILIP, Nick Poole.