Tips and Tools for Engaging Learners with Humors

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Transcript Engaging Students with Humor Our students come to us with all types of stress! Im hungry! Im tired! I dont understand! Im having a bad day! Work stress! Traffic! Arguments! I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. - Dr. Seuss Image: Savannah by Supports relationship building Prepares the mind for learning Benefits Enhances the classroom atmosphere Photo by Renato Ganoza, Humor can relax students before testing Helps teachers avoid burn-out! Tips for engaging with humor! Image: Savannah by Have fun while learning! Introduce a funny guest! Joke BingoJoke Mingle Students memorize a joke Have students in pairs facing each other. Give them 30 seconds to a minute to tell their jokes. Blow the whistle. They must tell their jokes to different students. Optional: a checklist- Was it funny? Did you get it? Have fun with the delivery! Image Memes Choose humorous teaching content Emoji word problems! Emoji word problems! Fun Web Tools & Apps Tellagami iOS app YakIt for Kids iOS app Suggested Web Tools & Apps Chatterpix for Kids iOS app MouthOff App Puppet Pals HD iPad & Pocket iOS Sock Puppets Toontastic iPad App Talking Ben & Tom News IOS/Android Create Motivational Posters @ShellTerrell