Twitter sucks; Tweetdeck is Better

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1. Twitter sucks; Tweetdeck is better: Assessing Third-Party Clients for Users of Social MediaDave JonesOld Dominion 2. 3. Use of SMFan CommunitiesSocial ConnectionCOMMUNICATION 4. Activity Theory InstrumentsOutcomeSubjectObjectRulesDivision of LaborCommunityFrom Engstrm (1987; 2000). 5. Operation . Action . ActivityMotive-driven and dynamic tasks that extend beyond immediate workGoal-oriented, specific tasksBehaviors that combine to complete specific tasks 6. What are you doing? 7. How are you doing it? Enter TextBuilt-in StreamsAvatar/IconUser-createdStreamsTweet ConventionsHappenings 8. Can it be done better? 9. Visual Organization NotificationsHashtagsStreamsCommunity Trends 10. Data . Information . KnowledgeSocial ConnectionFACILITATE KNOWLEDGELinkingRetweeting@ repliesDirect MessagesORGANIZING INFORMATIONUI functionsDrag/DropREPRESENTING DATA 11. Knowledge needs connectivity/flexibilityLet user visually configure streams via drag function.More connectivity among SM systems. 12. Thank you!Dave JonesOld Dominion