Using Pinterest in Undergraduate Social Work Education

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Using Pinterest in Undergraduate Social Work Education: Assignment Development and EvaluationLisa Baker, PhD, MSW & Laurel Iverson Hitchcock, PhD, MPH, MSW University of Alabama at Birmingham

Objectives for Presentation Explore the use of Pinterest as a teaching tool in undergraduate courses, following an evidence-based model of assignment development, implementation and evaluation.

Become aware of the context in which students complete social media assignments and the role social media plays in helping students develop professional self.

Discuss caveats to developing social media assignments and learn how such assignments help develop practice competencies.

Why Social Media in Social Work Education? Lifelong Learning

Theory of Connected Learning

Personalized Learning Network

PinterestSocial Bookmarking

Create Pins & Boards

Sharing Boards & Commenting on Pins

Laurel 4

The AssignmentHuman Behavior & Social Environment Course Sequence (HBSE I & HBSE II) Boards & Pins for each learning unit

Types of PinsInformation/EducationAdvocacy/SupportPractice Resource



Competency-based RubricAssignment Rubric

Meta Rubric

Pilot Assessment Mixed-Method Survey (23 questions) IRB Approved SPSS for quantitative items & content analysis for open-ended questionsN = 21

ResultsQuantitative 71.4% had personal Pinterest Account prior to assignment

29% were uncomfortable with Pinterest prior to the assignment

No student reported technology issues related to the assignment

Most used a laptop or smart phone to complete the assignmentQualitative ThemesStudent perception of assignment

Connected Learning

Use of Pinterest as a Professional Tool

DiscussionStudents are familiar with social media & digital devices, but not as professional tools

Completing a social media assignment increasing understanding of and appreciation for social media in professional practice

Students are able to engage with course content in new ways

Social Media can promote lifelong learning in social work students

Limitations: Small study with convenience sample

Next Steps: Larger study with more students over several semesters

Logistics for Social Media AssignmentsSet-up Account/Platform Type of Account, Privacy Settings, Course Related information

Frequency of Posts

Substance of Posts


Assessment or Grading

Questions? Contact Information:

Laurel Iverson Hitchcock, PhD, MSWlihitch@uab.edu205.934.8673

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