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It is a classified portal for education institutes


  • 1. EducateAllIndia 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 1
  • 2. About The Client 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 2 Found in 2007 A social welfare organization for education Promote education in India Information about MBA, Engineering, Medical Consultancy in education sector Suggests top notch institutes
  • 3. Client Requirement 3Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 College rank algorithm Automated crawling of information Detailed information about each college Information of colleges across India Dynamic data generation Admin panel to monitor information
  • 4. Role of Velociter 4Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 All in one system (MBA, Engineering, Medical) Score based consultancy Robust and secure system Web crawling to get information Secession of top colleges Dashboard for admin 0 5 10 15 No. of students counsulted Time to collect info Conversion ratio Contribution from Velociter Before Velociter After Velociter
  • 5. System Architecture 5Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Student Student Student EducateAllIndia Website Cloud Server Admin Database
  • 6. System snapshot 6Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  • 7. System snapshot 7Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  • 8. Thanks Velociter Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Website: Email ID: 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 8