Visual Literacy: Fostering Creativity through Digital Photography and Creative Writing

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1. Megan Oteri Teaching Artist and LEGO Education Academy Trainer 2. What is visual literacy? How do you define it? 3. Infographics Do you use infographics in the classroom? 4. Infographics 5. Visuals 6. Muse = Intrinsic Motivation and Meaning Photograph Brainstorm Creative Writing Process Open Mic/Gallery Walk) 7. Taking photos 8. Taking photos 9. Finding the Connection Listen to the Muse 10. Critical Thinking What is the relationship between visual literacy and creativity? 11. Start with the Image Making meaning of an image fuels creativity, critical thinking and the intrinsic writing process (intrinsic motivation) We take photos on school grounds and select one photograph to write about I dont give the students a prompt or tell them what genre to write in. They listen to their muse. This creates authentic and intrinsic motivation to write their story, how they want to tell it 12. Writing Process 13. Writing Process 14. Highlights 15. Creativity Is Messy! Very Messy. Creativity can be chaotic. Sit with it. Let the muse speak. The result is magic. The aha moment. It takes patience and practice. 16. Imagination & Risk If youre not prepared to be wrong, you wont come up with anything original. -- Sir Ken Robinson 17. What if I told you you cant be wrong. There is no right or wrong answer. In completing the task, by creating you are right. Creativity stems from create. So Lets create! Be creative. 18. You Cant Make a Mistake 19. Your Assignment Take five photos (or as many as you can in 7-10 minutes). When you have a photo that speaks to you and you love Come back to the room, and create your own writing prompt from the photo. We will write for ten minutes (depending on time). Open mic to end session 20. Einstein said it 21. Contact Information Email: Twitter: @memomuse1 Instagram: @memomuse Write your name on email list if you want an electronic copy of hand-out send to you. It will also be available on my website at