Zoom into online instruction: Using Prezi in online instruction videos

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Poster presented at the 9th annual Metrolina Library Association Conference, June 12, 2014


  • 1. Jennifer Resor-Whicker, Reference/Instruction Librarian jrwhicker@radford.edu Katelyn Tucker, Instruction Librarian ktucker3@radford.edu Why Prezi? Contact Our Process Best Practices Zoom into Online Instruction: Using Prezi in Online Instruction Videos Jennifer Resor Whicker and Katelyn Tucker McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA Prezi is an online, Flash-based presentation tool that allows us to create dynamic, visually-appealing videos that keep online students engaged. It engages students with its visual aspects while allowing them to make connections between the ideas on the canvas. By using varying sizes and positions of images and text, the relationships between information can be visually illustrated, allowing students to look at the information presented in new ways. This can help students put ideas into context and establish visual relationships. Examples Create a prezi with relevant images and/or screenshots. Prezis templates are especially useful for creating visual relationships (flowcharts, sequential actions, and cause/effect are all represented). Keep zooming and panning in check. Otherwise the audience may get motion sick. Create a script and practice the audio. Is it short & sweet? Using a screen capture program, record your video and make any edits (our team uses Screenflow). 1. Keep the videos under 5 minutes. 2. Be concise and to the point. 3. Use text sparingly. 4. Keep the prezi interesting by using appropriate and funny images and text. 5. Change the tone and volume of your voice throughout the presentation to enhance the message you are conveying. 6. Introduce yourself, and provide a picture. That way the student knows who is speaking to them.


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