Information System, Multimedia archives and digital Libraries, Media editors

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Information System, Multimedia archives and digital Libraries, Media editors Prepared By: Shankar Pd. Dahal

Information Systems:

All systems whose main purpose is to provide information to a user (or a group of users).

Six component that must come together in order to produce an Information System. i.e.1. Hardware, 2. Software, 3. Data, 4. Procedure, 5. People, 6. Feedback

Example application areas are :

Electronic publishing :Electronic newspapers (e.g., theAgeorThe Australianand magazines (e.g., HotWiREDorTime Magazineonline) Hospital information systems :Patient monitoring systems, multimedia patient databases, mixed reality surgery(e.g., virtual reality goggles) Navigation and information systems : shopping center /airport and other public spaces offer touch screen multimedia orientation systems Museums : Online catalogs using high definition rendering of paintings, interactive online museum tours (theVirtual Museum in Victoriaor theParis Louvre WebMuseumoffer virtual reality museum trips ).

Multimedia Digital Libraries A digital library is a collection of documents in organized electronic form, available on the Internet or onCD-ROM(compact-disk read-only memory) disks. Depending on the specific library, a user may be able to access magazine articles, books, papers, images, sound files, and videos.

Vicomtech-IK4research inMultimedia Digital Librariesis centered in the following aspects:Trust and Security(including Provenance and Rights Management) Experience Creation(including authoring tools, multichannel visualization and interaction and search/browsing).

Requirement of digital Libraries Audio visualComputer Network PrinterScannerStorage devicesSoftware

Multimedia Archives The Multimedia Archives contain the non-textual archives of the Special Collections. (i.e. Photographs and the Audio-Visual materials. )

The Photograph Archive houses over 1300 separate photograph collections, which together contain approximately3 million photographs.

The Audio-Visual Archive contains over 900 collections and includes; audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, vinyl recording discs, VHS, 8mm, Super-8, 16mm, and 35mm film and more.

The goals of the Multimedia Archives are:

Expand access to the library's unique photographic resources.Make a significant contribution to web culture.Represent the contents of the individual photo collections.Allow for wider viewing of fragile photos without the need for them to be physically handled

Media Editors The Multimedia Editor is primarily responsible for managing our website - including generating, editing and uploading content and for enhancing its digital presence and outreach.

The role also requires working across the medium of print and video as and when required, and managing corporate social media profiles.Name of Multimedia Software Application Fields Adobe PhotoShopCreating GraphicsAnimator proCreating 2D AnimationMayaCreating 3D AnimationMicrosoft PowerPointCreating Presentations

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