Measuring Scales How They Have Become A Part Of Our Lives

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  1. 1. Article4-Custompromotionalrulers.comMEASURING SCALES HOW THEY HAVE BECOME A PART OF OUR LIVES The human race has been feeling the need to take measurements ever since the dawn of history. The means of taking measurements, however have evolved over the ages. There were times when the unit of measurement was determined using human body parts like a hands worth of distance. There have been units like leagues and cubits. And there have also been devices to make these measurements which we now know as rulers. We have used these custom rulers since childhood, right from that nursery class to graduate and all the way through to post graduate education. We use it almost in every field that requires measuring distance or drawing straight lines like in the fields of architecture, fashion, medical, engineering and the like. Over the years, there have been many developments in the science and technology used in manufacturing rulers as well as in the fields these are used in. Rulers are made of a variety of materials like wood, plastic and paper. In fact, steel rulers are, also available should you feel the need to use them. They come in different types, different shapes, flexible lengths and variable curves. There is the small ruler of 15cm as well as long ruler of 45cm and there are even measuring tapes to facilitate measurement of larger dimensions. With the passage of time, there have been many changes in ruler design, type, shape and category and all of these varieties are dependent upon the purpose for which they are being used. Steel rulers are used in industries, medical rulers are self explanatory in terms of their application and triangular rulers are used by architects to bring drawings to scale. Then there are the logo rulers, custom rulers and advertising rulers which offer companies with a chance to advertise their brand by designing the face of the ruler with graphics. Well, in fields like architecture, an architect has to establish a lifelong relationship with a triangular scale and architectural scale ruler with its feet and inches facilitating drawings measurement and drafting. The fashion industry uses flexible measurement tools like tapes which can be rolled up used to measure waist size and other body measurements. The medical field has rulers like visual analog scale for testing pain, x-ray ruler, ECG rulers and the like. Engineering rulers are used in drawings, measuring distances, blueprints, and plans in a specific scale. Apart from these, there are shapes also called French curves, gauges, protractors, ruler scales, contraction ruler and others. There are many ways in which rulers have become a part of our life. You really cannot hope to survive without them.Buying rulers online is now an easy and safe option for most people. You can easily browse through the many online sellers and check out what they are putting on offer. You can compare brands, check features and find amazing prices and discounts to make the purchase interesting. In case you are looking for a place to safely but custom ruler online, is one website that you can trust for this purpose. ABOUT THE AUTHORKillian Jones is an expert in architectural stationery and machinist rulers and recommends as the best place to buy these tools online. His articles are a great source of information for anyone looking for architectural scale rules or some tips to make the best purchases.


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