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PowerPoint PresentationBUILT BY ENGINEERS FOR ENGINEERS OPTIMISE-INTERNATIONAL.COMTHE ONLY PROJECT CONTROL PLATFORM WELCOME TOWELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF PROJECT CONTROLSF E A T U R E STrack everything about yourproject at a single glance!Having a full picture of your projects in the KAPIO makes your life much easier. We have designed the KAPIO homepage to be your personalized command center. Providing you the power to generate and present real-time insight for all project membersCreate, capture and control reports, your way!One of the biggest obstructions throughout the industry is that employers, main - and sub contractors cant easily generate report templates that are needed. Boost your organizations productivity with the KAPIOs report: generating, capturing and data validating capabilities. Or utilize our library of industry best practice report templates to keep your project going2F E A T U R E SAnswer questions and make decisions at the speed of sight!Engineering quick and informed decisions has never been easy. Let KAPIOs industry specific dashboards empower you to make instantaneous and executive decisions on-the-spot with real-time facts from your daily site operations. Harmonized with KAPIOs dashboard generator, your tailor-made dashboards will provide decision makers with transparent insight on how to boost production and prevent downtimePerform visual quality and risk management in the field!Be proactive and access your projects BIM on-site to improve design communication and understanding. KAPIOs 3D BIM viewer enables you to compare your planned vs. as-built designs with the latest information from your validated reports. Instantly assess your models with everyone on the project team to identify and mitigate non-conformities, virtually before they happen in reality3KAPIO - CONNECTTMMaximiseseamlesssystemsintegrationwithKAPIO-ConnectWe understand the amount of capital you have already invested in your current software and the many hours spent training personnel to master them. For this reason, we have created KAPIO - Connect a cloud integration platform, built to work together with your legacy software to securely push and pull project-critical data with ease. We exchange data with popular software applications within document control, cost, scheduling, ERP, CAD and more to create a single view of your data.WE HELP PEOPLE AVOID DISPUTESBY BUILDING BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT CHANGE THE WAY PEOPLE USE PROJECT DATA 4FIELD DATA CAPTUREOur field-to-office cloud platform that securely and accurately captures, exchanges and stores daily field production data and documentationSITE DATA COORDINATIONEnable our Site Engineers to capture and distribute critical "as-built" data and documentation in the field3D BIM VISUALIZATIONEarly quality, risk and design assessments, identifying "real-time" critical non-conformities and compare planned vs. actual "as-built" designsCONTRACT MANAGEMENTEmpower our professionals to administrate disputes, invitations to bid, bid evaluations, awarding of contracts and contract implementationO P T I M I S E I N T E R N A T I O N A L S O L U T I O N S