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  • 1. Pulse Amplitude ModulationPresented by :Rajesh Panigrahi
  • 2. 1. Baseband signal 2. Sampled signal
  • 3. Detection Of Natural PAM• PAM Signal Demodulated PAMSignalLow passfilter
  • 4. Detection of Natural PAM• The PAM signal can be detected(demodulated) by passingthrough a low pass filter.• The Low pass Filter Cut Off Frequency IS Adjusted to Fm sothat all thefrequency ripple is moved and the original• modulating signal is recovered back.
  • 5. Flat Top PAM
  • 6. Flat Top PAM
  • 7. Advantages…Better SNR Due To Incresed Signal Power.Generation Is EasyDisadvantages…Aperture Effect Reduce Distortion
  • 8. Flat Top Sampling
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    pulse amplitude modulation by rajesh panigrahi