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Velociter Case Studies (Naqel)

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It is a solution for a ogistics firm


1. NNAQEL Logistics 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 1 2. About The Client 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 2 Founded in 1994 leading express transport and logistics company Network of 4900 cities towns and villages Vast experiences in the logistics and transportation field Consultancy and solutions in transport domain Joint venture with Saudi Post 3. Client Requirement 3Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Revamp total website Removal of manual transaction Shipment tracking system API creation for third party Electronically booking system 4. How We Helped Them? 4Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Online tracking system Resource center API for integration Booking of shipment Customer analysis Insurance management 5. How client benefited? 5Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 6. System Architecture 6Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Server Admin Database Naqel SystemCustomer 7. System snapshot 7Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 8. System snapshot 8Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 9. Thanks Velociter Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Website: Email ID: 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 9