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pCloud - Cloud Storage For Files (presentation)

by pcloudapp



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pCloud is the right place to store all your photos, videos and large files. All your stuff in one safe place, but available on any device, anywhere. Create an account and get up to 20GB FREE space!

- 10GB of storage space when you sign up. For Free!
- Instant access to all your photos, videos, docs from any device, anywhere.
- Live changes - see any changes on any devices, instantly!
- Upload public links - your friends upload their stuff for you. Your folder, their content.
- No file size limit - uploading Full HD files is not a problem anymore.
- Offline regime - add files to "Favorites" and use your files in offline mode.
- No space limit - never run out of space.
- No speed limit - add, remove or share photos, videos and docs at fastest speed possible.
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