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Questionaire Results Analysis

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  • What's your gender? 38 39 40 41 42 Male Female The gender that came up most with our questionnaires was male and this may give us a biased view because males may be more inclined to go for a female pop artist with a provocative style but we may want to think about how this could benefit our group and see if we should be creating an artist aimed at this market. This benefits our research in giving us more ideas for what sort of thing would appeal to males and helps us mould ideas for our music video and cd covers.
  • What is your age group? 16 - 18 20 - 25 26 + 0 20 40 60 80 The age group we wanted to know about was more young people so this will give us a more accurate view on what sort of artists they like so this is a good indication of how the age group we would want to target feels about certain artists and the pop genre. The age group we want to target is younger because we think that pop music is generally aimed at younger people.
  • Do you watch pop videos? Yes No Most of the people surveyed have an interest in pop videos and this may have been because most of our data came from younger people who are more interested in popular culture and music. It shows that we should definitely aim our music at young people around the ages of 16 – 18 because this is the group that it appeals to most of all.
  • Do you attend music festivals/concerts? Yes No Over half of the people we asked attend music festivals or concerts and this is an important detail when creating an artist, my group would need to think about if this artist could have a tour or appear at a festival and if this would be the sort of image they would have. This is important in knowing how we could reach the target audience. This changes how we might design our artist to look more like they would perform in these certain places.
  • Do you buy music magazines or visit specific music website? If so then state which one 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Yes No This tells us that music websites and magazines aren’t that popular with young people, this proves that we would need to offer additional features to attract people to our artist’s website. They may not be as popular because people are using things like youtube to find music rather than visit a specific music website.
  • Who is your favourite pop artist? Rihanna Justin Bieber Olly Murs Michael Jackson Most of the people we asked said that Michael Jackson was their favourite artist and this may have been because he is very well known and is an iconic figure in pop music. The other artists are also quite independent characters and have their own personal image so this dictates that having an artist that is successful on their own would be more popular than having a band because they were less popular than the individual solo artists.
  • 0 10 20 30 40 Justin bieber - Baby Michael Jackson - Thriller Rihanna - We Found Love What's your favourite pop video of all time? What's your favourite pop video of all time? This question got very mixed views, the videos that were most popular are all very conventional and they all have lots of scene changes which may make them more appealing to the audience. The artists are all popular so I think the success of their videos play a big part and the videos are all fairly relatable due to the fact that they deal with issues that people may experience with themselves.
  • Do you watch female or male artists? Male Female Both This tells us that artists of both genders are very popular but there was more of a male inclination which was unexpected. The popularity of male artists could be because the males we surveyed feel more relatable to the male singers. The mixed opinion shows that female or male artists are fairly popular but it may depend on the strength of the image to make them more popular; rather than the gender.
  • How do you consume music? When we done this question we found out that; download iTunes, Illegally and YouTube were the most common results In a pop video what would you expect to see? When looking at the results of the questionnaire we found out that people would see; bright colors, the people watching need to be able to relate to what is going on, costumes are also needed.