Splin by Zamyatina Ekaterina

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  • 1. Without music, life would be a mistake.MUSIC by Friedrich Nietzsche.Zamyatina Ekaterina 11 E

2. . What can be inexpressible in our life?After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. These are thewords of an English poet Oldos Huxley. What can be inexpressible in our life? Examples are love,pain, suffering, happiness, etc. The strongest of us can keep silence, feeling the pain or suffering,but even they cannot hide a smile, feeling love or happiness. Smile or silence is not enough toexpress strong feelings and emotions, and there comes music, not the one without sense, butanother - with soul. Ive found the best kind of music for me, listening to Splin. 3. SPLINSplin is a Russian rockband from SaintPetersburg. This band wasestablished in 1994,organized by AlexanderVasilyev. It has manycompositions that can becalled melodious, soulfuland lyrical, despite the factthat their songs usuallybelong to such genres asrock, Indie-rock andalternative rock, and ofcourse most of their songshave a deep sense.Alexander Vasilev-leader 4. FAVORITEMy favorite songs are: Fellini, Lilichka, There is no way, Romance and many others. These songs have the soul that is partly harmonize with mine, so when I listen to them or sing them I feel the sense of freedom inside and that is an incredible feeling. These songs support me in every moment of my life. When I feel happy, they seem joyful too, when I cry, they cry together with me. 5. LILICHKAMayakovskys poemdevoted lover Lily Brik Yuryevna 6. The endIndeed, the music has a mystic power, particularly my favorite one. And now you have achance to listen to itThank you for your attention


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