SXSW: Artists & Labels Embrace Virtual Worlds

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Presented at South by Southwest in Austin, TX 3/16/2010 Music labels (Atlantic Records, EMI, Sony BMG) and musicians (Metric, Katy Perry, Weezer, Rob Thomas, Ice-T) are embracing virtual worlds by creating branded stores and virtual merchandise that engage their fans and promote and sell music and memorabilia. Learn how virtual worlds are changing the music industry and creating new revenue streams and promotion opportunities.


1. Artists & Labels Embrace Virtual Worlds Lee Clancy SVP Product Management & GM Direct Revenue IMVU Inc. SXSW - March16, 2010 2. Todays Session About IMVU Video:IMVU Rocks! Music on IMVU Q & A 3. Whats IMVU? An online community where members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create and play 4. Company Overview Founded in April, 2004 Based in Palo Alto, CA 70 employees 3 institutional rounds $30M raised 5. Business Snapshot 3D avatarsVirtual goods 45M registered users 10M uniques/month $30M+ revenue run rate Profitable Cumulative Registrations 6. Attractive Demographics 70% Female 60% 18+ yrs old 60% USA 7. User-Generated Content 3+ Million Virtual Items 8. Celebrating with Mohawks 9. Shameless Promotional Plug Were Hiring! 10. Video: IMVU Rocks! 11. IMVU Music Store We sell music: Non-interactive streaming (for use on IMVU only) Downloads (DRM-free MP3) Both major label & independent artists Catalog includes over 2.4 million tracks Launched in November 2008 12. Music as Shared Social Experience Music is an inherently social experience on IMVU: Users buy music to listen to it together and dance, dress up, or play DJ IMVU sells it all: dance animations, clothing & 3D furnishings 12 million hours listened (since launch) 234 million total listens (since launch) 13. Music as Retention Driver Music buyers on IMVU Are typically adult (18+) Buy an average of 6 (teens) to 19 (adults) tracks Buy early in their IMVU experience (during 1 stweek) Remain on IMVU6x longerthan non-music buyers 14. Promotion & Artist Development IMVU is an effective social venue for artist promotion: Album launch support via IMVU (750,000 Facebook Fans) Not just a retailer, but a diverse community in many genres Platform for emerging artists via TuneCore partnership 15. Emerging Opportunities IMVUs unique music environment enables new experiences: Branded virtual merchandise campaigns with top artists Artist IP + 3D virtual content = new fan engagement First time ever:Pink Floyd will allow IMVU Creators to build new 3D content using the bands licensed trademarks 16. Q & A