Disaster management on uttarkhand

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  • What is a DISASTER ? A disasteris a natural or manmadeevent whichresultsin widespreadhumanloss , Lossof livelihood, propertyand life.
  • Based on Speed A. Slowonsetdisaster:- Disasterthatprevailsfor manydays,monthsoryears.Eg:-drought, environmental degradation,pestinfestation, famine, etc. B. Rapidonsetdisaster:- Disasterthatistriggered by aninstantaneousshock.Eg:-Earthquake, cyclone,flashflood,VolcanicEruptions, etc.
  • Based on cause/origin. A. Natural Disaster:-Naturaldisastersin world,many of themrelatedto theclimate cause, massivelosses of worldlifeandproperty.Eg:-floods , volcanic Earthquakes, tsunamis, andothergeologicprocesses. B. HumaninducedDisaster:- Anthropogenic hazardsor human-madehazardscanresultin the formof a human-madedisaster.Eg:-Serialblasts, BhopalGastragedy-1984etc.
  • UTTRAKHAND Uttrakhandhasa totalareaof 53,484 km2 of which93 % is mountainousand 64 % is covered byforests. Twoof Indiaslargestrivers the Gangesand the Yamuna, originate in the glaciers of Uttrakhand. Mostof the Uttrakhandpart of the stateis coveredby highHimalayanpeaksand glaciers.
  • UTTARKHAND DISASTER The incessant rainthathit Uttarakhandfrom June14 triggeredflashfloodsand landslides, leadingto thousands of deaths, while thousandsmore were missing. Over1,00,000 peoplehavebeenevacuatedso far fromthe affectedareas. Helpingpeoplerebuildtheir livesis the biggest challengefor the Uttarakhandgovernment in fact, forthe
  • From14to 17 June2013, Indianstateof Uttarakhandand adjoiningarea receivedheavyrainfall, which has about 375 percent more thanthe benchmarkrainfallduringa normal monsoon.
  • Causes This caused the melting of Chorabari Glacier at the height of 3800 meters , and eruption of the Mandakini River which led to heavy floods near Kedar Dome , Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Damages 376 houses destroyed , 275 houses partially damaged in Uttarpradesh .
  • Rescue operation The Army, Airforce , Navy, Indo-Tibetan BorderPolice(ITBP) , BorderSecurityForce, National DisasterResponseForce(NDRF) , PublicworksDepartment and local administrations workedtogetherfor quickrescueoperation.
  • Arewe apathetictowards thedisaster? Teenagerstodayareapathetictowardstheless fortunate.Tobeapatheticistoshownocareor feelingnointerest,enthusiasm,orconcern.I feel thatthisstatementis toogeneral asnotall teenagersareapathetictowardsthelessfortunate. Mostteenagersthesedaysdohavesympathyfor thelessfortunateandaretryingtheirbesttohelp thoseinneed.
  • An analysis of why didthe tragic incident occur? Thisis certainlya man-madedisasterwhichcouldhave beenavoided. Thisresultedintwokeyfactorswhichleadtoa chainof events: 1. Duetolesscementetc,qualityof damswaspoorandweak. 2. whencementbecameavailableat throwawaypricesin"black", peoplefeltmotivatedtobuildhouses. But duetopoor administrationandunplannedlandallocation,manyof the houseswerebuilton thebanks of theriver. Thisleadtochangeinthecourseof theriver.
  • Could it be averted? Yes, It canbeavertedbyUttarakhandgovernmentand theIndiaMeteorologicalDepartment inNewDelhi, literallyslept overrepeatedwarningsissuedbythestate meteorologicalofficialswarningof "veryheavyrains" andspecificadvisoriesaskingforevacuatingChar DhamYatrapilgrimsto safety. Most of thesewarningswereissuedas earlyas June14, 15 andagainonJune16,thenightwhendisasterstruck, but nobodypaidheed.
  • Howone shouldprepareoneself for any kindof unforeseendisaster? Duringdisasterissimplybehavingasif nothing hasgonewrong.It soundsincredible,butit's actuallya fairlycommonresponse.Peopleremain intheirseats,peoplewaitforordersandpeople assumeotherswillbetheonestoact.Youarein chargeofkeepingyourselfwell,nobodyelse.Take thatseriouslyandexertyourselfwhennecessary.
  • Mitigation It involves measures to eliminate or reduce the incidence of severity of disasters.
  • Preparedness It involves measures to ensure that communities and services are capable of coping with the effect of disaster.
  • If you are one of the rescuers what would your duties include? If I wasrescuermy firstdutyisto assesstheareaso asto savetime,whichwouldhelpineffectiveresponse. It isvery importantfora rescuerto collectinformationon theextent of damage, approachto thedamagearea, particularsof the damageandunderstandif anyfurtherdamageislikelyto occur. Thelocalleadersor the peopleresidingin that particularlocalityprovideallthisinformation. Be BRAVEandSTAYCALMif youhaveto rescuepeople
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