5 simple way to make watermelon juice at your home

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  • 5 Simple way to make watermelon Juice at your Home.

    1. collect all ingredients that you will need. One watermelon.

    2. Put this watermelon on table and chunk this by using the sharp knife (seedless).

    3. Put all watermelon chunks in one plate.

    4. Put it in a blender and blend this check after few minute.

    5.Blend well and make it smooth.

    What are the best ways to make Watermelon juice at home?

    There are w e are talking about watermelon juice recipe, to make watermelon juice at home .

    If we are think to make fresh and fey farm organic, natural water melon juice just follow the some

    steps that are using by Tsamma juice.

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    Watermelon juice on this summer season.

    If you think to make watermelon Juice just take one watermelon and make Chunks, shake this by

    using juicer a after that smooth juice is ready for you.