Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe. How to Make a Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse by @kipkitchen

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Kip Kitchenhttp://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/Chocolate MousseHow to Make Chocolate Mousse Dairy FreeKip Kitchen2RecipePreparation Time: 20 minutesTotal Time: 40 minutesYield: 2 ramekinsServings: 2http://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/Kip Kitchen3Ingredientshttp://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/- 2 eggs- 60g (2oz) chocolate with 60% cocoaKip Kitchen4Kitchenwarehttp://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/- whisk- electric mixer- bain marie pan (double boiler)Kip Kitchen5Step 1http://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/Separate egg yolks from the white.Melt the chocolate au bain marie i.e. in the bain marie pan.TipMelting the chocolate using bain marie is the best way! If you dont have a proper double boiler cup, use two pans, the first one contains water and the second one that contains the chocolate is placed on top of it. Put them on the stove with medium fire. Turn the fire low when the water boils.Pour the melted chocolate on the egg yolks and stir at the same time.Kip Kitchen6Step 2http://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/Beat the egg white.TipAdd a pinch of salt to the egg white before you beat them, it helps.Add it carefully to the previous mix, step by step.Kip Kitchen7Step 3http://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/Put the mix into dessert cups and leave them in the fridge for minimum 2 hours. You can make the chocolate mousse one day before and leave the cups overnight in your fridge.Kip Kitchen8Resulthttp://kipkitchen.com/chocolate-mousse-recipe-easy/Enjoy!Want more? Get our Top 10 Must-Have Kitchenware for Couples PDFA FREE Cheat Sheet to Save Time and Effort while CookingKip Kitchenhttp://kipkitchen.com/freebies9