Vegetarian pizza recipe italian food recipe

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Vegetarian Pizza RecipeItalian Food Recipe


Ingredient1 tbsp Olive oil/Good company butter1 cup of Tomato puree1 tsp Oregano(dried) packet Italian Pasta Red Sauce1 tbsp Garlic(Chopped)Salt & Black pepper to taste

Ingredient For Pizza Toping

2 tbsp grated cheese cup capsicum(Chopped) cup Onion(Chopped)Pizza base(approximately 8x 8 in size)

MethodTake a pan and start heating butter/Olive Oil on low flame.Add some garlic and saute in the pan along with tomato past and stir it untill it is mixed properly.Add 2 cup of water into it and pour some Italioan Pasta Red Sauce, along with Oregano. Cook it on low flame for next 5min and cover it from the top.Now cool the ingredients slightly before using on your pizza.Spread sauce on the pizza base, place capsicum and onions all over it.Now, Add some grated cheese on top and bake in a pre-heated oven till cheese get melt and a great fragrance of cheese comes out.

NOTE :You can present your dish in any way, If you want another flavoursto be displayed in presentation, still that would work.

Chefs TipOn a similar lines you can make non-vegetarian pizza. You just need to boil your chicken and well cooked with salt and cut into small pieces and place on the top of your pizza. If you are on a low-calorie diet, replace the cheese with paneer.

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